1. R


    Hi, can i Play with my friends on PS4 version with the PS5 version or no cross-gen compatibility
  2. Buhaj47

    [PS4/PS5] Suggestion - server filters/queue

    Can you add server filters in the PS4 version's server browser? I only play Realistic Racing servers and every time I want to join one, I'm finding myself sorting servers alphabetically and going down the list to see if there's a free slot on the server. Better yet, the server's queue would be...
  3. B

    PS4 Voice Chat

    Issue: I sometimes can only hear a portion of the lobby while in voice chat. This also happens to others. Source: I Can tell because I have on multiple occasions had friend in lobby talking while other lobby members can hear, I can’t. And vice versa. Even popped into party chat with them, then...
  4. S

    Very weird PS4 Error

    I tried to buy the speeddemon on PS4 and the attached error (which was flashing red around the edge) came up. I've never seen an error like this (with C drive path) on a console. When pressing down on the D pad (thought I'd try) it actually crashed my whole PS4. I tried again buying the car...