1. R

    Can't play tournament on PC

    I am a game pass subscriber and I play on both xbox series x and pc. I play more on pc, and unfortunately I am unable to play any of the tournaments, every time I try and select on it says "No Tournaments Available Please Check Back Later". However when I play on series x there is no issue and I...
  2. pablopierrot1

    Tournament organizer for free or for real money

    It has taken me almost 2 months but the website is now ready to organize tournaments with Flatout2 and Game Ranger, I invite all of you and if you have any questions, write me on the website chat. It's free to try, and we ask the bugbear team to release the results...
  3. Shade_of_KinG

    My record has been reset

  4. iamjohnconnor

    Top 50 Weekly Wreckfest Tournament

    Something with a bit of a difference tonight peeps, we will be racing on Birkeland and Farmland on the Very Track Pack. If you have a top 50 time on Wreckfest you are welcome to join. It will be streamed live on twitch also Twitch . Join the Discord for more info Discord 8pm GMT start, see you...