1. B

    No A Class Racing Server in US!

    This is happening to everyone right? Seriously! I love this game... and consider myself a wreckfest veteran and feel like BugBear is like punching the veterans wreckfest A classers in the face, to put it nicely. No A Class Racing servers at all! Occasionally one will show, but only one. Then...
  2. N

    Pre-order car missing after ps5 upgrade

    Ages ago, I pre-ordered wreckfest on disk, and I got the bandit ripper v8 back when I played it on the PS4 back in 2019. Now I got the game disk again for my PS5 and I transferred my save, I have all my cars that I bought in-game but I cant find my pre order car. Is there a way I could get my...
  3. H


  4. EmDzei

    [SOLVED] My Lawn mover top speed is only 106 km/h (65.865 mph)

    After using Showroom Lawn mover mod I have had this problem. Showroom mod can change your look to metallic paint, but it can change your engine upgrades too. After using this mod, awhile ago, I haven't had my top speed with lawn mover anymore. What I have done to trying solve this situation: -...
  5. Shade_of_KinG

    My record has been reset

  6. AkoiBB

    Engine audio modding bundle (Wwise)

    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THROUGH This thread is dedicated only to discussion about engine audio modding template (zip) and documentation (pdf) files (later referred to as "bundle") included with PC version of Wreckfest. Besides the game installation folder, you can find the up-to-date versions of...
  7. EmDzei

    Scheduled script for Wreckfest dedicated server

    Hi! I hosted some time ago a rental server from GTXGaming and they gave me support to run a scheduled script for rebooting the Wreckfest server every night. Script was also wise: it didn't run itself if there was or were player/-s on the server. It runs the script later or next time. All worked...
  8. A

    Game startet nicht unter Steam - Wreckfest startet nicht (German language)

    Content from my e-Mail (2019-12-21) to the bugbear-support, but no response until today. So I'll try it again: Sorry, I only can describe the problem in german language, my English is not good enough: Nach langer Pause wollte ich unter Steam Wreckfest wieder einmal starten. Das Spiel wurde...
  9. T

    This should be added to wreckfest

  10. B

    Fatal Error

    So I just bought Wreckfest on Steam, after the game crashed violently after changing graphics settings the first time (The screen suddenly wasn't getting any signal and I had to reset my pc entirely), The game no longer starts! I get past the splash screens and to the loading screen, after which...
  11. DrLove2k2

    BugBear Console server optimization (Questions)

    Hi Jannes / Team Bugbear Im back with more questions to annoy you guys, im sorry really!!!! First of been playing since launch on PC (late 2013 I believe) Stepped over towards console because most of my community plays there, but I forward any information I gather here towards the (ps4...
  12. S

    Very weird PS4 Error

    I tried to buy the speeddemon on PS4 and the attached error (which was flashing red around the edge) came up. I've never seen an error like this (with C drive path) on a console. When pressing down on the D pad (thought I'd try) it actually crashed my whole PS4. I tried again buying the car...
  13. EmDzei

    Videoclips thread

    The Stig try-out and test-drive. This time it's the new Deathloop and its alternate route. Is this third route the fastest? Decide yourself.
  14. EmDzei

    Joining and leaving causes huge lag to server

    Joining and leaving makes a lot of server lag. Is it the same trigger that causes lag when you chat? That is, this has a connection to the chat window bug, so neither the author nor the others can see any text.