Blender that opens FO2 tracks


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Hi, you in luck, I got this Blender rar file you can take a look at:

Be sure to read Gulbroz manual about how use track editor - FO2_TrackEditor_V0.1f.pdf.

Here link to the lightsmaps to use too:

Flatout Joints doors are closed now, but thanks to this site you can still take a peek at FOJ and it forum. Unfortunately not everything got back up at this site. You may find some threads missing a page or 2.

Here link to the track editing section for Flatout 2:
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I was away from my PC for some weeks and I didn't test it.

Today I tested it and error appears always :/
Issue (image):

Maybe the error displays because I don't have installed TE setup:
Or script pack:

Do you have it? Or do you have solution for it?


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Hi, sorry away from the computer last few days.

These files under the tracks folder are the exported files that Blender does when I export my .blend track file. You can't reopen the track_geom.w32 file from this folder. The only way to reopen one these track geometry files is you have a stock Flatout 2 unpacked and then replace the stock field track file with this modded one and then use the Flatout2 import option to load the modded track_geom.w32 file into Blender.

I see testing my Blender that I packup for up, I get pink textures when using the Draw type - Multi Textured. I change to the Solid option, then I can see the track objects, but they are grey, no color. One advantage using the grey Solid option, Blender will operate faster.