Can rarely connect to Multiplayer servers on Wreckfest PC. How to fix?


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I've got both Wreckfest PC Edition and Xbox edition. On PC edition I almost always find that I can load into a server. Normally when it does successfully connect I'm spectating a match and when it tries to load me to the next match lobby it loads me in then the red "Lost Connection" box appears in the top of the screen and I get disconnected. I do notice when I monitor this in my task manager the Send - Receive rate from my network always drops off when loading hits 90% before I actually get into the lobby and get disconnected. When I'm spectating in the lobby I do notice that my ping from the network is almost consistent between 30 - 20ping so I do not get why I keep getting disconnected?

This similarly happens on my Xbox One however I can load into matches frequently (on the same networks) however a couple seconds after I actually move the ping on my Xbox seems to suddenly go really high and then I get disconnected?
Both these use wireless connections.
Any solutions?


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If this has anything to do with it I do always have both my Windows Defender and Avira Security running.

System specs:
i7 8750H
RTX 2070 Max-Q, Intel UHD 630
256GB (Primary) SSD, 1TB (Secondary) Hybrid Drive
16GB Ram
Intel Killer Wireless AC 1550 Wireless Network Adapter


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Windows Defender should be OK, if not set to be to aggressive. I use WD. Might try disabling Avira Security when go online with Wreckfest and see if things get better.

Ya if getting 20-30 PING in the lobby, you should not get disconnected because of PING. But if Ping jump to say 500+, that can cause the "Lost Connection" box to appear. I have had this happen to me, but if my PING get back to more normal 70 PING, "Lost Connection" box goes away. When the "Lost Connection" box appears, can you see what your PING is in the lobby?

Also give this setting a look:

If it at 250, might want raise that number. some use 3000, I using 5000.

You doing any steaming or any other stuff in the background that using bandwidth?