Carmageddon Tournament Update


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This Sim is awesome with a Wheel / Pedals / H-Shifter / Handbrake and the updated graphical look is fantastic, although do not really think the Carmageddon tracks fit in with the low resolution / retro look as mentioned before.
Would be great to see an 2021 update to these Tracks with the existing road / dirt maps / textures / track side objects / remodel buildings etc and possibly bring some of the 'Playground' items in.

For example... In the 'Bleak City Stadium' center area have the large fast moving Walls that go in a circular motion that you have to drive around to add some wrecking danger and instead of just water in the lake / mote area where you just reset when pushed in have some Spinning Wreckers.

Oh, and add a Playground 'Canon' type wrecker that is positioned on the road course as a Drive though wrecker where the 'Canon Bolt randomly activates to crush cars as they pass through it when racing the road that's;):p

I like the fast racing layouts of the Carmageddon tracks but not really a challenge when you can cut the track quite significantly without any problem so having some track side objects / mounds of dirt / dirt road bumps etc might make it more of a challenge.

However, all very well asking for this but the amount of work that would have to be done would be astronomical, a complete re-model to get them up to the existing Track graphical standards.

Keep up the great work Bugbear.:cool::cool:
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