Easy to use Track/Map Editor.



I know I've asked this before, but I really want to ask about it again, because I guarantee you, every game that has an easy to use building component, lasts well beyond it's shelf life and is loads of fun, Wreckfest has an incredible opportunity in this regards to last a long time and really stand out from the rest.

If you were to create an easy to use map editor for custom tracks that the average person can create, save and then race on, even in multiplayer, this game would be the best in it's class for years to come.

Take for example:

Far Cry 3 Map Editor -
Fallout 4 Settlements -

(Only preferably with a 'snapping' feature for road connections so it's easy to align them perfectly every time, snapping was an issue in Fallout 4 sometimes with certain structures, but should be easy and simple for just roads, no need for snapping with trees and other structures though).

In these, you get certain structures and terrain tools, easy to use, so you can organise the terrain to your liking, then you get certain objects etc, so for instance, certain tree's and landscape items (wooden fences, street signs etc) and then certain road structures, kind of like building your own Slot Car Track, so we can have tunnel structures, different degree turns and different degree incline/declines etc that can all join up like a slot car set, can start out simple and just add more objects as we go.

Guaranteed the best racing game on the market if you had an easy to use map editor like having your own slot car set. So we can do really crazy custom jumps and tracks and have loads of fun racing on each others creations. :)

The only thing we currently have is The Very TrackPack kind of mods, which are great, but only professionals can actually make those (I don't even know how I would begin), so it's essentially locked from the majority of players.
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