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This thread is dedicated only to discussion about engine audio modding template (zip) and documentation (pdf) files (later referred to as "bundle") included with PC version of Wreckfest. Besides the game installation folder, you can find the up-to-date versions of these files at the end of this post.
  • In general this bundle targets minimal modding experience level. It should allow even those entirely new to the subject to complete & insert a bare-bones engine audio modification to Wreckfest, simply by following the instructions provided. It does come with some learning curve and is mostly attributed to learning the Wwise GUI.
  • If there is anything unclear about process of making a engine mod, you feel that relevant information missing from documentation, or you have issues opening the template, then yes please post your question to thread. I would love to hear about anything that might help to improve the bundle, to make it as streamlined an experience as possible. However..
  • Always please first read the documentation thoroughly prior to jumping on the keys. Post your question only after you still feel a specific detail is vague etc.
  • If you're looking to share a completed engine mod or discuss tips & tricks, please post them to this thread instead. Let's keep this thread strictly on the bundle.
  • Please don't request about the possibility to modify other audio in Wreckfest (collisions etc.). We are unable to offer it at the time, as it would require considerable efforts to restructure project files to allow modding. Vehicle engine audio templating is "built in" since vehicles are split into asset banks to be loaded only if included in a race (lesser memory requirements etc.), and is thus straight-forward to template for modding use too. If this project restructuring happens at any point further down the lane, similar dedicated threads will be posted to Modding sub-forum at that time.
  • We can't provide detailed instructions on how to create custom sound assets. This is quite the moving target and greatly depending on which audio editing tools you use, your experience level and the quality you wish to achieve. Covering all options would simply add too much to documentation complexity. Nonetheless..
  • For basic pointers on how to create sound assets, I would recommend checking out this excellent tutorial video by Rory Walker. While it deals with FMOD SDK (whereas Wreckfest uses Wwise SDK), the process of preparing basic sound assets is the same regardless.
  • Even if you've done Wreckfest engine audio mods using any previous version of the bundle, it's recommended to read the documentation when versions change. Some technical implementations, like sound level calibration values may be subject to change.
Big thanks to STRMods, Matcha, Sam223 and Heddly for offering to help out proofing the initial 2019 template and documentation, and Xi for feedback and suggestions to improve the 2019.2.9 tutorial. You all rock! :cool:

Previous previous:
2016.2.2 -ish
Previous: 2019.1.6
Current: 2019.2.9

Download the up-to-date Wwise template project here and the tutorial documentation here.

You can also find a offline installer for Wwise 2019.2.9 (without any 3rd Party plugins) here
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For the time being (that is, until the next Steam update) please use only files included here for modding. The ones currently included with the game are still of previous version (2016.2.2 -ish) and are incompatible with the game engine. I wanted to share the update the soonest, since this bundle update has been long overdue.


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Is this guide still relevant in the current stat of the game or do some modifications need to be done? Just want to make sure before I dive in.


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In anticipation of a summer update for Wreckfest, we figured that we might as well release an update for the audio modding bundle slightly ahead here on the forum. With this inbound update we also had to upgrade the Wwise SDK version, and this means that Soundbanks of existing audio mods need to be updated too. Releasing the bundle here in advance will at least give you some time to upgrade your mods, to have them ready to go once the update is out.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I think (and hope) you'll find the latest changes well worth the effort! ;). Please see the first post in thread for updated files. For the next update you need to install Wwise Authoring tool version 2019.2.9.

Here's a list of key changes introduced with the audio modding bundle:
  1. Many of you have been asking for example loop assets and, thanks to Pole Position Productions, we're finally able to full-fill this request! The 'Example Car' included with the game ships with a Soundbank generated using the template project and these new loop assets!
  2. Template project now also includes a simple synthetic / procedural engine sound object for experiments. You should find tweaking it a lot of fun esp. if you're a fan of retro racing games like the Pole Position arcade.
  3. Tutorial has been re-written and re-structured for more clear chapter splits and flow of text and topics, all to try improve readability and ease up the initial learning curve.
  4. Focus of tutorial is now changed towards using the new loop assets for Sound object and Blend Container configuration. You can still of course use the same workflow for any custom assets you may have. Some chapters related to setting up custom assets are now Appendixes at the end of tutorial.
  5. In .engs file for Player vehicle, there is now an option "Cockpit Acoustics". Enabling this will apply a generic acoustics simulation for a stripped down banger vehicle interior in cockpit view. This option is enabled by default even for existing mods, but if your modded vehicle has a fully open cockpit you then need to disable the option and update .engs in the related Steam Workshop pack. The acoustics effect is best heard when using headphones or surround loudspeakers. Unfortunately we are unable to bring support for vehicle / interior specific configuration this late into the project, or to make it react to body deformations.
  6. Majority of car-specific gear shift events are replaced with generic event hooks. If your existing car mod references a Soundbank of any base vehicle included with the game, you will then need to adjust your mod.engs configuration for 'Gear Shift Start Event' to either "Gearshift_H_Generic" or "Gearshift_H_Small". Or, if you wish to not have gear shifter sound at all, adjust the event value to "Gearshift_Null". If in doubt, look up the .engs for the matching base vehicle and adjust your mod.engs to use the same event.
The example loop assets are edited from these recordings of a 3rd Gen Pontiac Trans Am (1984) with a 5-liter (305 cu) Chevy V8. Huge thanks for Robin, Niklas and Max at Pole Position Productions for this!

Please report if you find that some specific detail of the tutorial doesn't make sense or is missing. Ideally the bundle should be novice-friendly enough that it would help even those with no prior experience with Wreckfest engine audio modding to learn the tools and workflow.
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