First real track revealed


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Dillinja187 said:
And again I've told u the difference in the "development processes" one is online and one isn't...boom ! There's your "development process" difference and why one may take longer than the other.
From SteamDB:
49 In-Game
537 In-Game

People don't care if something is online of offline. Gameplay variety is more important for them.
But if you still want to compare SP vs SP & MP ok: Bugbear should launch beta branch only with SP with more frequent updates and we would see what will happen. But I can tell you now: more people would play this game = potentially new customers.

Dillinja187 said:
No of course it doesn't take days, weeks or months to blog out a problem but it does take time non the less so that will have knock on effect on Dev speed. Hehe you honestly thought I meant it takes weeks/months to blog a problem :)
1 hour (and I think it's even more than needed) per week is slowing down development? I mean short (few sentences) weekly reports). If you think it would greatly slow down development process, further conversation with you is pointless.

Dillinja187 said:
Haven't really got your finger on the pulse dude, all that info about steering rod came out the next day, haven't u seen it Adziej ?
Nope. Maybe because I don't check this forum few times per day? Slow development get me bored and now I check forum in 2-3 days period. Bugbear could create a miniblog on the site and add all the info on it every week (and Steam announcement board of course).

Dillinja187 said:
About 3rd quote not quite sure where u are going with that but I tend to look forward rather than mulling over history, build 7 and everything that went with that is dead and buried once 8 is released
Basing on what was in the past, you can know (more or less of course) what you can expect in the future. For example, AC: Unity was bugged so hard and people remembered it. Now when new AC: Syndicate has been released, Ubisoft cries that their game has been sold in less copies than Unity. Why? Because people don't want to be screwed up once again and waited to check reviews and decide if it's worth their money.
Anyway, back to Wreckfest: build 7 is not a history - IT"S CURRENT BUILD dude. And it's almost dead basing on online player's activity.

Dillinja187 said:
Not on the server i host, open 7 days a week maxed out 24 players from 7pm to 1-2am
And what with those people who live on other side of the globe and have bad ping to your server? What with people, who would like to play different gamemodes, map rotation, less cars, different settings etc.? What if your server is full and someone want's to play online when other servers don't exist or are empty? You're not god and you can't please everyone.

Dillinja187 said:
Give your eyes a treat Adziej.
It was 11 days ago. Nothing has changed? Maybe an update of these information? What is already done, what they are working now and so on?


EOT. I won't waste my time to talk about something that probably won't change and with someone who is defending something wrongly managed.


I think it boils down in the most simple form I can wait and you cant. This exact same convo has been thrashed out soooo many times its not worth the effort. I was in the same mindset as you about a year and a half ago but I've learned.

Am I right in thinking u don't / cant play online for 1 reason and another? Multiplayer is where its at !, if you are bound to SP yeah I can imagine that's sucks, the AI is terrible not lots of maps and content to wade through which isn't an issue with MP as much really because the racing/Carnage takes over.

Oh we were talking about project management now?, thought you were just whinging about BB not pumping out a build every 2 weeks. Who are you to say BB should do this, BB should do that !, although anyone can have a opinion i suppose but its all been said or asked before, how about get what your given and wait for update like all of us. All this negativity sucks so hard

" Further conversation with you is pointless. "

We agree on something at last............

Yeah your right mate I'm not God but Jesus I'm close....:)


I would bet my ass that 99% of the negativity comes from nearly no communication with the community. I read alot of comments and that is the most important problem. And please dont tell me I should search every thread about a sign of the devs...
There are so many friends of mine who were interested in Wreckfest, but since there are no news or anything they dont want to waste their money. The Bugbear sales site still says the full release will be 2014.
Communication is key, you cant change that. And BB did not understand that, despite the fact that they should have alot of experience.


I completely agree the communication sucks :(, even in the " Jori days " it was probably at best just about sufficient Dev involvement on the forums that most would consider normal. Since then it has got worse it goes weeks sometimes with next to no news.

This has been a problem for the community pretty much since the dawn of NCG/Wreckfest and we have been bleating on about " please can you be more transparent " exactly what Adziej said " make 2 builds " or " more news " and " just a few paragraph's each week on what your working on maybe pics ", what's funny is i remember typing that myself over a year ago, I guess due to 1 thing or another it just hasn't happened I don't holdup BB for that they have there reasons I'm sure and they have admitted themselves we suck at comms ha!, the only thing they owe us is a game which they are hard at work on :), another issue most have here is lack of connection and user input to the game which I'm disappointed in as well but i suppose it is still in early development really although it feels like this game has been about forever :). So who knows we may see a different Bugbear once most the content and netcode has been sorted and the team can relax abit more I really do not know :-[ .

But hey !, what are our options? Keep asking and getting nowhere or just sit tight ride out this rough part of development and hope that maybe things will change on the Comms front in time, we can only hope.


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I assume this track is "Mixed 1" in the game. I really like the track. It goes really well with this game and reminds me of all the folkrace tracks I've seen on Youtube videos.

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rhamm said:
I assume this track is "Mixed 1" in the game. I really like the track. It goes really well with this game and reminds me of all the folkrace tracks I've seen on Youtube videos.
Yes it's.