Flatout 1 & 2 Mod Jam contest, "Traffic Jam!"


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Attention, BugBear forums!

It is with great pleasure that I get to announce the first big event! for the Flatout Joint community Discord server! The first ever Flatout Traffic Jam!

What I like to call a Mod Jam, the premise is simple! Everyone on the server is given three weeks to develop a mod for either Flatout 1 or Flatout 2! Then, once the time is up, Me, Heddly (Pending), and Alecksword will judge your submissions, and declare one person the winner!

What does the winner get? I'm glad you asked! The winner of the first Traffic Jam gets a $30 USD cash prize!

The rules for this event are as follows:

1. Anyone may participate!

That's right, anyone can participate in this event, including the three judges (However they are not eligible for the prize). Whether it's your first time modding, or you're an experienced veteran from the original FOJ website, everyone can make something for this event!

2. Keep it appropriate

Just about anything goes, just make sure to keep your submissions PG 13. Just make sure it follows the server rules, basically. 3. Make sure it's substantial While any mod is allowed to be an entry, submissions are judged based on their overall quality and how they affect the game. That means that, while you can submit a music mod or a skin mod, they may not be scored as high as a new car or map mod, so keep that in mind when you're making yours!

4. Mods MUST be submitted on time!

This is important. Mods must be submitted NO LATER than Wednesday, July 7th, 10pm EST. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. And lastly, have fun!

This goes without saying, but the goal of this event is to educate people on how to make mods, and to get everyone's creative juices flowing! If this event catches on, I'd like to host more of them in the future to reignite the Flatout Modding Community! Thank you all for being members here, I appreciate every one of you! <3

Flatout Joint Discord server! https://discord.gg/QtSqmRjqJT

This event is not in anyway affiliated with Bugbear Entertainment, I'm hosting the event myself with my own funding. Just figured that might need to be said lol