Garage UI/screen interaction.


I'm not sure how others may feel about such a change but it would be great for me if you guys would make the area below and around the vehicle line-up to NOT react to the roller ball. Anyone who has played this has experienced it, sorry to say it is a glaring nuisance and I'm not sure why it has survived this long.
since you won't increase the picture size limit, I'm gonna use a stupid looking picture so I can at least point the spot out.
Please increase the picture size limit.

The space just below the item line-up going horizontally across the screen and to the sides of it, until even with top of item tiles, please.
Remove the camera adjustment, ignore the roller ball if the below the picture tile.
Or make all of the bottom area move the tile list. Don't let that area spin the car, or zoom in/out.
Thank you.
Everyone likes a polished product. A better experience with functional, easy to use UI elements.

Consider adding a 'by the page' arrow on either side. Fill the space between the current button and the edge (<</>>) that advances by ten or so tiles, the page width. In picture above it would be to the right of the last tile, and just to the right and beside the single (>) arrow 'button'.

Would it be possible to add 'dots' inside of tiles that have multiple versions(i.e. performance & armor(maybe, if it were standardized) to indicate the performance level already purchased? Blocks or dots, or anything.

For the engines; use letters

Or even letters for the performance parts. T/S/P/R (sTock/Street/sPort/Race)

A garage camera lock toggle in settings. Where it can be set to a specific setting, like during tuning at a race.
The camera doesn't tilt up. You can only spin the cars laterally.

A lighting slider. (Bright to dark-ish), different points of light.
How difficult would it be able to place the vehicle in different places, even simple still images?
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