Help with the menu!


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Hi, suggest you try asking question over at this this Discord Flatout Joint:

Heya! I posted this server a few years ago, and over those years, the server has slowly been garnering a community! I'm really happy with the small community we have, so I'm gonna repost for anyone else who's looking to join! We've been working on helping out with modding, and having a completely free database for mods and tutorials that we'd love to share!

There a few Flatout 1 modders there.


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All I know is if you change the aspect ratio in the setup screen it will stretch the screen size but it affects everything in the game when you play.


by modifying the file "" (data>menu).
by passing the eraser on the file "" (data>menu).
by passing the eraser on the file "car" .
I progress.

I need to find the script for the position of the color block.