Holiday Update released!

Dirt N Track

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So Bugbear any updates on fixing the sound in the game to make it playable again? Have not been able to play it now since the update!


New Track Hellride is my favorite, love sliding around the walls and then to top it off with that big jump in the middle, would love to see just a couple more crazy fun tracks like that to go with the serious ones.

The voting is also a fantastic addition, so the players can choose whether to repeat a track or skip a track in the loop they don't like. Good Job. :)


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(xbox) still no January update yet. I don't mind the waiting, but the lack of communication and contribution within the community is a bit off. I mean what is the point in setting up pages, twatter, forums etc and then doing nothing amongst them? I have known games, bigger and smaller, take way more time to converse with the gamers that reach out to them. C'mon Wreckfest, get a groove on lol!


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Have you forgotten that there was a holiday period within that time frame you calculated?

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My honest guess is, since no one has seen them, and they all got really quiet, they're rushing to get something finished. This usually happens right before a drop of some sort. An update, a car pack or tracks, I wouldn't count the guys out yet. I didn't even think of this until they arent even responding to


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Something needs to be done with the Nexus, KillerBee S and Sunrise Super.
Its impossible to spin them out even if you're in a bigger car and its easy for them to lean and spin you out.
I've had cases where im in a war wagon or road cutter and im the one being pushed off the track by a tiny car.


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Online, I don't have much trouble pitting the smaller cars with my wargon, ask Space or Mut when they racing in the Killerbee.