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Usmovers_02 said:
If they're on holiday again I'm moving to Finland... lol :p I work full time and I get a whopping ONE week of paid vacation! I don't even get sick time!
Well, it is mostly students who have some holiday at a moment. Adults who want to have holiday now either have saved some of their summer holiday, take unpaid holiday or spend their winter holiday (unlikely).

Most common version is that you get 4 weeks of summer holiday and one week winter holiday in Finland. Meaning that you get 2.5 days of holiday per each month you work. When using it, saturday counts as working day although it is very rarely really such day. In other words you get exactly 5 weeks per year which is almost always used in that 4+1 method.


Lari Fari said:
Or try Germany :D 4 weeks paid vacation mandated by law when you work full time. Many people get more (I have 6 weeks!). And sick leave is basically unlimited (6 weeks full pay, after that it gets reduced to 70 % paid by our "medicare"). Also, its illegal to fire someone on sickleave :p

Its not as cold here and beer is very affordable. I hear booze is rather expensive up there! :D

Oh man, another topic turned to labor law discussion. Seems we need some infos on Wreckfest to keep us on topic ;D
Nice, Seems I need to move to germany as well.


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Lari Fari said:
Hmmm not so sure about that. My favorite BIER is "Augustiner Hell" from Munich. I have yet to find a more delicious brew :D
I'm sure it's a very good beer, I like darker brews most of the time.
When I think of a German light lager, I think of Warsteiner, because of an old friend originally from Kiel, who loved the stuff. 8)

Since I don't drink a lot, and like to try different beers every time (There are so many... and so little time), I don't claim a specific favorite beer.

I mentioned Belgium because I particularly like Lambic and Abbey Ales. :)
I've enjoyed quite a few German beers, but never fresh in Germany. :'(
Great Britain produces some excellent ales as well.
I also like smoky beers like rauchbier and Scottish ales.
American mass produced light lagers suck. Thank God for craft brewers.

Just to keep with the Wreckfest topic i should add - Don't drink and drive - except in video games. ;D


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2 things BB need to give us in this game;

1. Resetting your car shouldn't be possible until your car has stopped upside down or stuck in a weird position. Why, well many gamers out there, tries to much of screwing the opponents game time by going the wrong way or hitting someone hard just so this person losses the race or wanna bully him. If they miss, they just resets the car and can keep going. Actions should have consequences.. It would give the game a more realistic feel to it.

2. the ability to ban people from your server and/or have the ability and team up with friends servers. So the players who destroys your gaming time can be automatically banned on their servers as well,, if they want it to..


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3. Change the color of the button "Ready" and "Not ready" to avoid the message "You was not ready when the race started, bye bye!". I suggest green and red :p