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Re: Hotfix Update 07-09-2014

sneak peak preview, never have they mentioned its gonna be all in support and every detail included. The support from us were merely for money, to keep them contimuing their project. If they will succeed we dont know, but we have helped them out with a higher percentage chance of finishing the game under their budget.

If u cant read, understand or know what u r buying, ask and u shall recieve. Dont blame BB for ur stupidity


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Re: Hotfix Update 07-09-2014

I really hope for some proceeding too, i would like to see something finally. The bad thing is, actually without knowing anything about the engine it feels like the overhaul was just 2 steps back.
The thing that still bothers me is the strange force which pulls your car onto its wheels, you can see it when you do some rolls, its possible to just land on your wheels and you lose all your momentum. The car hops onto its wheels and everything is fine, instead of the chance of rolling more because of the momentum.

Also im not really interested about the team deathmatch, i think its... its just sht... I like the chaos in simple derbies but in team derbies you just cant "hide" especially when the most of your teammates are wrecked. Also there is a chance to have pussies in your team who dont do anything just circling around without a scratch and somehow enjoy it...
But the biggest thing that im afraid of the popularity of this gamemode. I know many players will like it and im afraid lots of derbies will be team derbies and i will not really able to play... because i hate it. Basically in nearly all team games the only thing i do is raging about my team's idiotism.. this is why i would like to avoid teamplay everywhere i can.

Also there are still no sparks/door physics/window smash particles. The damage is still totally strange, absolutely not depends on the force, its like a given value which applies to the car, not a dynamic thing that depends on the velocity and mass.


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Iwasawa said:
... not a dynamic thing that depends on the velocity and mass.
Well - I agree in much you've said, Iwasawa. But I do not agree with above sentence.
Try this:
- Drive at good speed into a 90 degree bend, turn the wheels and try to keep track - the vehicle will push forward into whatever is in its way.
- Do the same, but get off the throttle just before you turn the wheels, it will follow the desired direction - sometimes better, sometimes not - depending on the speed. This experience is one of my favourite - almost real for a RWD.


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Re: Hotfix Update 07-09-2014

Purple44 said:
I was under the impression it was going to be this summer !!!.....However, im aware that bugbear changed the game engine so i was expecting a delay of some sort...but 2015??
I really hope not.
At least if it aint going to be done this year...please give us multiplayer soon.
There was talk of releasing a full feature Alpha this summer, but that was before Bugbear spent 2 months working on the overhaul of the ROMU engine.

About timeline now:

When is the game coming out?

Jori Virtanen said:
June 09, 2014
This is correct. We're still lacking, to name a few of the features, multiplayer, game modes, tech tree, XP progression, tune-ups, music, career mode, etc. We're working hard on all those, but it'll take time. We're definitely not holding back on the release date out of spite. We'll tell you when we know ourselves. We were gunning for the end of the year release, but since we're currently focusing on overhauling the engine, we can't be sure we'll make it. So, we'd rather not give any promises now as we might have to let you down, and that would simply suck.

Once we get to the point where we start implementing the new features to the game, that's where it'll start to be interesting. That's when you'll get to try to break our game in earnest, as that's what helps us debug NCG to the max. But we're not there yet :)
Here a post from Janne over at Steam forum today about releases dates:

jannesBB;613936673604427379 said:
Sep 23
Exact release dates are dangerous especially if they're announced very early into the project because many things can and will change before the completion of the project, which is exactly what happened with Next Car Game.

Next Car Game was actually envisioned as a rather quick, small scale product, that we could take over the finish line with our old tech. The decision to rewrote major parts of our engine (including the core) was made early this year when we realized that there's a lot more demand for the game than we expected and that we're not going to be able to meet the expectations going forward with the original engine, it simply wasn't designed flexibly enough. Now that we have our new engine up and running we're in a good shape since there's much less internal dependencies between the different components of the engine and we can pretty freely shift stuff around or even perform major rewrites without breaking everything. Unfortunately this made it necessary to postpone the release date, but we're confident that in the end we (and of course, you) will have a better end product.


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Re: Hotfix Update 07-09-2014

"Log on to Steam, update the game"... that's great but eh, how?
Noticed I am still on 0.176901 which can't be the last update.
There's no Sandpit1 and judging from the forum 0.176901 was since July.
Normally my Steam games update automatically, why doesn't this one?

[Edit: It appears Sandpit1 actually works but it says 'Under Construction' whereas the other tracks do not - which is what fooled me into thinking it wasn't available to me yet. :-X ]

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Re: Hotfix Update 07-09-2014

Alright. Problem solved then :)

We are currently at buil #5 and are hoping to upgrade to build #6 these days.

Have fun!! :)