How to add cars from Flatout UC to Flatout 2 ?


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I reassembled the mod, and remade Flatout2.db (vanilla 45 car+2 from Ultimate Carnage)
How get new car: you need use cheat code (GIEVEPIX) for all cars
If somebody know anower method adding to career new cars, please share it (file classes.bed dont work)
New file:

P.S. in this version mod have glitch with new menucar (because menucar model have 1 material based on skin with elements that should be on separate materials)
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I downloaded your mod and opened the car 47 Grinder, you are missing textures for parts of the car such as interior. The shared folder only has tire textures and there not any related textures in the car_47 folder for the related interior or other textures that the game needs.

Zmodeler 2 needs these texture files to be linked through the Materials Editor for the game to find them in the files you use. They need to match the name in materials editor.

Put the required textures in the shared folder or the car folder so Zmod can find them and then us Texture browser to add them to Zmod, open Materials Editor to assign them to parts as needed, then export.

Hope this helps, nice looking btw.



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Thanks Heddly, but this mod is not my. I just edit Flatout2.db (add new car) because old database file based on Custom Car Mod 1.2.
P.S. Happy New Year