How to make FlatOut recognize modded bfs files?

I'm trying to make the CrashAlley Run track last a little longer (12 laps, to ensure more collisions in the middle. Five isn't enough, I say!) but the game isn't recognizing the new .bfs file that I am placing in the directory.

I've got it set up like this, based on the game's vanilla bfs files: "data\scripts\level.bed"

I noticed that the filesystem.ini has the bfs files archived and tried to follow their example but that didn't work either.

Any suggestions?


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did you add the Modded .BFS file to your filesystem.ini?

Like this:

Archives = {
[1] = "common1.bfs",
[2] = "common2.bfs",
[3] = "europe.bfs",
[4] = "CrashAlley_Run_12_Laps.bfs",

This is my Steam Game filesystem
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Thanks, you encouraged me to review my .ini files and I found the source of the problem!

I figured out that my problem stemmed from the fact that I was using patch 1.1 and should've actually been using the "patch.ini" archive instead of the base "filesystem.ini" one. I had previously tried putting it in patch.ini when I was trying anything and everything to get it to work but it only crashed. Turns out, having it in both .ini files is a bad idea!

Now it all works!

P.S. During testing, I decided to bump up the laps and turns out that it crashes at around lap 14 (there was a previous reply, that was deleted (?), here that suggested 10 flat, but I have consistent crashing at 14 so there's the answer to it :D).