Losing connection to server every few games since last update


New Member
On xbox one S console playing in EU servers

I keep losing connection to the server all the time since last update. My internet connection and xbox is fine. Its really annoying cause can be in first place in a race about to win on last lap and disconnects and throws me back to menu. Its only happening since last update, ive been playing the game since it came out and has never been this bad. Why do most games these days keep getting worse over time? When it came out and for a long time after it was fine and now its not? Usually its the other way around.

The other thing thats really really annoying is when just about to start a race right when the horn goes to take off there is about 3 or 4 seconds of extremely bad lag which always puts me in last place and then goes back to normal ruining the race. Its funny as well because every time it happens as soon as I am in almost last place or last place it goes back to normal like it never happened. It always varies in how long it lags for but as soon as i am in last or second last is when it seems to go back to normal. This happens to about a quarter of all the races that I play in the game online.