Making of Flatout 2


Could you replace the path of the missing files with ones from other tracks just to see what would happen (if anything)?

I think it's neat to see things that regular people aren't supposed to be seeing.

Are there any similar findings for FlatOut 1?


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DJThanos said:
I can send to you my levels.bfs it's only 37 kb

I never looked at FO1, but maybe i'll try.
That'd be awesome, if you just uploaded the files somewhere and PM or post the link here.



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Here comes the sequel to Making of Flatout 1 thread I posted earlier. So once again I will write random things about the process of making Flatout 2 and you're free to ask questions and I'll try to answer them :)

Let's start off with a video showing what our in-game editing tools looked like in 2005:
(also in HD)
Video unavailable! ughh wanted to watch it so bad!!!


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I think Overrunner from FlatOut was meant to appear originally, you can still see it in the bonus "Making of" video but then it got either replaced or redesigned.
I use to think it was early version of malice

Video unavailable! ughh wanted to watch it so bad!!!
Hmmm video works for me. Maybe is blocked because of copyright music? :confused:


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Legal Bugbear can't:

Sorry to say but we can't release any tools to Flatout series as we don't have rights to do it. I personally would do it instantly since I know your skills at modding Flatout 1 and 2 and would like to see what you could create with our tools but it's not up to me or anyone at Bugbear to release those tools.
From page 1.

Also just saw this over at Bugbear twitter page:

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Nice pic GikePeterson. :)

Was that pic taken on a Flatout track?
Doesn't look like any track I recognize, If so congrats, I tried a Bullet GT for rFactor and couldn't get the needed game files to work. The model looked good.