Mixed Racing and Derby lobbies vs Mixed Team Racing and Derby lobbies

What lobby do you prefer?

  • Mixed Racing and Derby

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  • Mixed Team Racing and Derby

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Hi, I’m a huge fan of the game since day one. The game is amazing and I thank you for that. But I don’t like the fact that the Mixed Racing and Derby lobbies were replaced by Mixed Team Racing and Derby lobbies. You should offer at least both options. The team racing is not a bad idea but it doesn’t work properly. Often times a member of your own team will hit you while you wrongly made the assumption it would not be the case and it leaves you really frustrated. There is no control by the game to force equal numbers of players on each team making it sometimes impossible sometimes to win (10 vs 6 for example should not be allowed). I don’t think there is loss of points if you hit or wreck a teammate to maybe just maybe change the attitude of some players. Bad teammates (players who just don’t care about their car colour or players who don’t understand teamwork in a racing game) are a new big source of frustration that was not there with the solo mixed lobbies. The team lobbies are also less intense. I prefer 15 ennemies than just let’s say 8. Please bring back my favorite lobbies. I don’t enjoy the game quite as much since they disappeared and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Thanks.


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Full time wrecker
Wish mixed teams was added back onto Xbox.
Always seems to be racing, mixed n deathmatch are the only public lobby options.


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Yes, please bring back Mixed
I like Teams but nobody does it properly and keeps hiring team members