(MOD) All Vehicles



tolliverj said:
hi i seen people with the ai cars like the Daggerts road king in the leader boards can some one tell how they did it without crashing there game? i mean i can mod scripts in the game and made some cool mods witch unlocks all cars and other stuff even the stunt cars but didn't include the ai cars because i didnt want it to crash but cant figure out how people did it.
Hey, it was me friend who was first in the leaderboards.
But I was able to use AI cars by typing quickly to select the car but with the .bfs file unpacked.
I wanted to use the AI cars without freezing the game.
I'm sorry for my English, I'm from Brazil and I pick up the translation in google translator.


thanks for telling me it froze i think you need to unpacked and then repack the data.bfs so the size is much bigger to get it to work cause that's what i did to my game and its not worth going through all that just to get this mod to work. kinda sucks that this mod only works for me and me alone :-[


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I don't have any Patch folder, and when I try to open the game, none of the cars or anything worked. Anyone know why?