My thoughts and slight changes for the game.


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I have been playing the game consistently for a year and compete in a few competitive league ran through discord. I would like to see a centralized league ran through the game if possible. The new trucks are awesome but I would like an option to make them just 2 wheel drive if possible. The hammerhead RS is great by far my favorite added to the game. I would like to see at least 6 laps at every track for those of us who like to climb the leader board. With only 3 laps the first doesn’t make lap times and then after that it usually takes a lap or two to get spaced out enough to comfortably run fast laps. Overall a great game and my favorite racing game out to date. If some lag issues get fixed and you find a way to deal with the “non racers” in the A class racing lobbies, maybe make them A class only like how c class can only be c and below, it has the possibility to be one of the greatest racing games of all time! Keep up the good work!
P.S. throwidirt wants the warwagon motor in the rammer.
Many more from our group not listed. We all like to race for lap times and want to see the racing community on Wreckfest grow!