Online issues since the June 30 update, please post them. Server and player issues.


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I like to put a list of the online issues we been seeing since this last June 30 update.

Bugbear know about the memory leak and still an issue if using 32bit server software and only have 4 GB ram for your server. Server will run out of memory fast. EJ tell me with 64bit server software, server got 16 GB of memory to use. This has kept server crash to more like 1 or 2 a day, before server get the daily rebooted.

Server can't post a server message now. :( This made things harder for Clean and Semi Clean server to post the rules. Even Poop no rules server has 3 basic rules they post in there message.

1. You will die. 2. You might be offended. 3 Nobody cares.

Here some issue Sues has seen with their server:

[6:17 AM]
hi well i dont think i have to tell you about the memory leak and the servers crashing every 3 hrs or so and ej fixed with a work around by adding a ton of memory and also steam is really messing players up by disconnecting then when steam is down one night last week most of us got kicked for the server over and over all night cos of steam all so i got my very 1st ping time out when rejoining the server and all night the pings were from the moon idk if you remember we had this before when the game was run by steam.....then there is the odd multi clou
*colour fog i get from time to time and my car as a airfix
on screen
and sometimes when the race is loading and all the cars are loading in to place and my car is ghosting in to place
my car keeps ghosting the hole race like i did not load in right

[6:33 AM]
...the game keeps just stopping for no reason i can find it dose not crash or crash the pc it is just stopped and you are back on the worktop and the the game will restart no need to reset game or pc most of the time

[6:38 AM]
if you click on anything like 2nd screen or a app the screen will go black and you most of the time you have to reset your pc this happens when you do it if say the next map or any time its loading
if a play as the steam over lay open in the lobby his clicks go through on to the lobby and he can vote kick and things like that without knowing he as
if a admin uses the over lay he can add bots and ban and kick without knowing that is really bad

[6:49 AM]
if a admin sometimes kicks/bans a player it can crash the admins game but will not kick/ban the player so the player is free to keep doing whatever until the admin gets back in and with how bad the loading times are for the servers to show up in game not a good thing
the admin/host can not set the bots to his/her car
i will stop now cos most of it is down to vert poor performance from the memory leak and steam messing about
oh and that dam new bulldog and bumpercar and one other car i can not remember that lagg all over the place and take ppl out without the driver even knowing he is doing it


I saw my PINGs jumping around at times last Sat night, PING over 100-200. Then they settle back down to my normal 70 PING at sues and Poop servers, Which are both hosted by EJ in the midwest, US.

Seen reports of skin bmap showing up online:

Another big issue online for some players, not me, is, as a server fill up with players, there some players, their FPS drop, like down into the 20s and make online unplayable!

When first going online, WF verify your files, make sure your stock or running mods. Well now the verification takes 2-3 mins on a WD performance 7200 HD. Even SDD been posted take some time too.

Here a theory about why verifying files takes longer. Janne can you verify this?

Purple44 — 07/27/2021
Is this why verify files before you get server list is slow now, when going online for the first time?
[11:13 AM]
Jan — Today at 5:43 AM
Well they changed the file system to have more small files, this to make updates smaller. The problem with hdd's is that as soon as they have to load alot of small files, they slow down alot
[5:43 AM]
That would explain the long(er) loading times

Purple44 — Today at 11:11 AM
Hmm, you got me thinking, before, all DLC stuff was packed up in a file and get unpack, supposedly into system memory, with files in memory, be a lot quicker to verify. But now all the skin\livery files for the DLC cars are now unpack and sit in Wreckfest install folder. So all them files need to be read from the hard drive. When I go online, the first verify take around 3 mins ( see red HD light ), before I get server list. But after that, refreshing server list goes fast


OK you guys, post any other issues with online, server side or player wise you been seeing this month.

PC online has taken a hit this month, we need to get online healthy again!
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Claude said:
Hi, I have strange problem when playing online.
I can't get more than 18-20 fps and somehow GPU usage is very low:
When playing offline everything is fine, lowest fps around 40, usually stable 50-60 fps and GPU usage at 97-100% just like supposed to be:
I use 720p resolution and medium settings preset, grass and shadows set to low. I tried different settings in general but it doesn't solve the problem.
Laptop specs:
CPU: i7-8550U
GPU: MX150
RAM: 20 GB
Drivers up to date.

Any ideas how to solve it? I tested multiplayer on 2 different internet connections but looks like it's not the problem, because I play other games online without lags.


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As a server admin, I used to be able to change bots (in multiplayer) to any car I wanted by changing car restrictions to Hosts (my) car.
So if I was in a Big Rig, in a server (that I Admin) full of bots, I could set car restriction to "Hosts car" and all of the bots would become Big Rigs.
This doesnt work anymore. When I ever I do this, the bots either become stock SS's, or just get kicked from the server.
Its fun having a bunch Big Rig, or KillerPig bots w us as our server starts to fill up. Would love if this can be fixed. Thanks and best of luck!


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My pings has always been a chill 60 in the same server. As of late I'm struggling to stay under 85, w many more spikes to as high as 3s.
Sometimes, I have to wait for like 10 seconds after the start of the race, for everything to catch up and start the race myself.


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Here another online issue that new since the June 30 update:

B2マ Storm — Today at 12:29 AM
Server didn't crash just steam problems.

devloek — Today at 7:32 AM
my bad i forgot, it was tuesday.

devloek — Today at 7:43 AM
afaik this forced outage which Steam calls maintenance didnt occur before the borked "network performance" update

JBatic — Today at 8:02 AM
Iirc its because now everything takes different paths

Iirc its because now everything takes different paths

Sparky66 — Today at 12:40 PM
Yes, because MP traffic goes through Steam, everyone loses connection during that maintenance interval (or any other time Steam has network problems.) Wasn't an issue before with direct connection.



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Repost from WF Discord:

Benjo — Today at 4:04 PM
I'll try it. I'm using a 2070 Super getting like 19 FPS.

PUR3 — Today at 5:58 PM
same here on a 3080ti... I tried all of RB's suggestions but sadly it made no difference except for the one about finding more empty lobbies, the game reaches kinda playable states if there's less than 14 people on a server for me (like 50ish fps), but even that micro stutters quite badly - game ran fine before the update dropped :(


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The Stig — Today at 4:12 AM
Current bugs, what I have notice:
- opening Tournament mode scans whole network like opening multiplayer. It tooks about one minute to scan through
- on dedicated server host car adds to bots always Speedbird and says that youself need to change your vehicle
- not a bug, just found this: when activated a mod, then game analystic is going off
- server welcome messing is missing (already mentioned here once)
- server password do not work