PC: Hotfix 1.254832 released

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Another maintenance hotfix for PC released with following changes:
  • Overall audio mix balancing.
  • Server no longer crashes to invalid entries in the damage log.
  • Optimized Hellride and Vale Falls to improve performance especially in multiplayer.
  • Fixed invalid backface cull state during depth pass (caused z-fight like flickering).
  • In multiplayer, team mode settings are now updated correctly.
  • In the event voting screen, the middle event is now in focus by default.
  • Harvester no longer accelerates by itself after applying brakes with the clutch engaged.
  • Monsterbuggy now receives damage correctly.
  • Improved Pocket Rocket gearing.
  • Nerfed Dragslayer slightly.
Thanks for all the feedback and happy holidays!
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Still no Randomization in Custom Events (single player mode) with Random cars and Random grid placements! but at the very least, there is randomization with ai bot names, and random car colors. your halfway there Bugbear! just got to try a little harder to implement it! thanks and Happy Holidays! - Cheers bro ;)


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I play on W10 64bits, the sound of sound effects and became unbearable since this patch, we hear the noise of our vehicle to the rear and sides, it gives the impression that a player is following us while it is not the case.

You should reset the engine sound as before, it was so much better.

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Overall audio mix balancing.
As a Headphone user with 7.1 surround and driving in 'Cockpit' or 'Bonnet' cams this could do with some more tweaking / perfecting as I used to be able to hear cars coming up from behind and also what side....now I can not and I do not know a car is there until I either 'Look Behind' view or I feel forces on my Steering Wheel telling me ( Fantastic FFB by the way, almost Sim like)...by then it's to late as the car behind has already started to spin or wreck me...lol
Fantastic overall Game / Sim...keep up the fantastic work