Problem with J89 track pack



Hi all, for correct install,
i search fo2_notrackai.bfs file
if anyone has it that would be nice
Thanks !



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I thought the J89 name look familiar. Found J89 mod unpack on an old hard drive.

So I look through my HDs and did find a fo2a_notrackai.bfs file ( my bfs is named fo2a ). I hope it the same file you looking for. But this is big file: 1.8 GB. Trying Zip bfs file only got it down to 1.5 GB. Thankfully Mediafire let me upload a big file like this and download bandwidth not a problem. :) Just got put up with an AD.

I don't remember what the fo2a_notrackai.bfs file did?


wonderful :D
I look at this
i lost it with my old hdd. I think it's the right one ;)
it's a precious chance to have you! a big thank you !