PS5 Wreckfest, pad driving feedback way too low


New Member
Have now driven PS5's version few times and compared its features to Series X and pc-versions.

While otherwise PS5-version is ok, especially loading times which are so much shorter than in sX-version, there's
one big problem in driving; pad/dualsense feedback/vibration is way too low, Even "vibration" at 100% you only
feel some occasional effects, in general driving you don't feel almost anything, it's more like car's floating only jumps/
crashes etc give some stronger feel. Haptic feel in triggers could be stronger too.

And also in sX and pc-versions there's so much more feedback when using pad, so it seems that PS5's version's
feedback should be scaled quite a much. Maybe just make it stronger or change vibration slider to go up to 150% etc(?)