Server update

We are updating the server today. Changes since launch:

- There are now leaderboards per car class. If you've hit your skill limit in one class, switch to another! Your best time per track across all classes is recorded on the global leaderboard, as before.

- Unfortunately we will have to wipe the leaderboard data (saved Spirits) to prepare for this.

- We have adjusted the repair kit costs. They are now substantially lower than initially (down by 90%).

- The changed repair kit costs only apply to cars that aren't already in your garage.

- A number of serious bugs have been fixed. If you had difficulty running the game, please try again.

- Car visual damage (deform) has been turned off. It helps with collisions between cars and also fixes performance issues.

- Problems have been identified with the stability of some cars. Those have been fixed and the affected cars are now much more stable and less likely to flip.


New Member

I sandbagged the last update, they had 2 right on top of each other. I was just able to login, then I just updated and now I cannot access the server. I will try again in a bit