[SOLVED] My Lawn mover top speed is only 106 km/h (65.865 mph)


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After using Showroom Lawn mover mod I have had this problem. Showroom mod can change your look to metallic paint, but it can change your engine upgrades too. After using this mod, awhile ago, I haven't had my top speed with lawn mover anymore.

What I have done to trying solve this situation:

- I have installed Showroom Lawn mover mod and returned all stock parts
- I have verified files by Steam client tool
- I have played the Career mode again whose prize was lawn mover
- I have tested the speed with Special event (off-line) and raced on-line (server)
- I have all three engine for it: C, B and A class. All top speed is 106 km/h locally (off-line). On-line C class top speed is 127 km/h


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Solved by JanneBB. Showroom Lawn mover mod had changed the gear rations and after resetting them, now top speed is correct 127 km/h. Have to correct that Showroom Lawn mover mod allow me to change those tune settings, what are not possible in normal way. If you had set them back to middle (read: stock), then no problem with this Showroom Lawn mover mod either.