Specification for bgm format?


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Is there a specification for the model file format used in FOUC or FO2? It would be useful so I could program an open source converter or Blender i/o plugin. I know about the Zmodeler. but I am unable to parse the zmf format to see how it reads the FO2 files, and I couldn't get it to import the FOUC models. Thanks for any info.


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I would like to have an FOUC import/export or just import plugin for Zmodeler 2 or Blender. I have always wondered how they are different. I know the car and tire .bgm are in the same folder, maybe the car and tires are linked to each other somehow?

Zmod 2 can export an FO2 car .bgm to an FO1 .bgm, just change the engine part name from engine_1 to engine_2 and adjust the driver position in the files of the FO1 game. You can do the same with FO1 to FO2 cars.