Steam EA - Grip (Rollcage spiritual sequel)


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Telekill said:
I loved Rollcage and would definitely pick this up if released on PS4. Is this a PC only release now given its current state?
There was mention of plans for PS4 during the Kickstarter: PS4 version?


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Time keep an eye I GRIP now that working it way to final release this fall. :)

Purple44;1729828401698603745 said:
Chris@CE;1729828401686610367 said:
Wheel support is coming either upon launch or soon after

Good to hear Chris! :)

Been waiting try GRIP out with real wheel support, instead using a 3rd party program. And good to know you keeping promise that there would be wheel support at some point, when I ask way back when early access got started and I wanted to know before I put my money down.

Check out GRIP discord channel for more current news on GRIP:

Be sure checkout the grip_pics_videos under MIS.



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How is the racing?
Is it more like 'Combat' than racing?
Or can you JUST race, and not need any combat?

Compare to:
Flatout 2
Gas Guzzlers.

Which is it closer to?

And, is it arcady, like NOS and eveything, or is it stiff racing like Wreckfest?



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Online Multiplayer

Purple44;1729828401698630146 said:
Jul 6 @ 2:39pm I hear GRIP getting closer to final release this fall. I be curious Chris how well you guys did with my Multiplayer Do's and Don'ts for online racing games? You remember me giving you the link?

Bugbear has gone final version with Wreckfest and I gave my final verdict on how well Bugbear did with Wreckfest online here in my thread I started back in June 2013:

Multiplayer Do's and Don'ts.

I hope the GRIP Devs will follow in Bugbear footsteps and also do a good job with GRIP online. :)

Chris@CE;1762482479181446168 said:
Hey Purple, I posted the link internally a while ago. It was read, I'm just not guaranteeing anything when it comes to ingame

Purple44;1743342383226792787 said:
Hi Chris, I hope there will at least be text chat in the lobby so community can get know each other a bit and do some BSing between races. :)

Chris@CE;1743342383227932800 said:
Yep there already is text chat in the PC version ;)



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From GRIP Discord channel:

ChugsRocketFuelLast Thursday at 10:29 AM ( Chris )
In case you missed it, GRIP is launching for all platforms on November 6th this year! Take a look at the new trailer:

In video, say 10 players online. Was hoping for 12, but 10 good.


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Saw this today at GRIP discord channel: :D

WIRED AlLast Friday at 10:14 AM
I hope @everyone will be going to their local store on Tuesday to make sure they've put the boxes out the right way up!

Racers! Let’s flip retail upside down! Head into your local retailer on launch and flip @GRIPvideogame upside down! Share a picture using #GRIPupsidedown for a free in-game DLC reward! Best pic will also #WIN either an Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch or a PS4 PRO (Your choice!)

Link to video:


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Reading this thread tonight, Add wheel support, wheel support did not make it into final release version of GRIP. :(

Chris@CE;1762482479181385136 said:
Jul 30 2018
Wheel support will be in for launch or the first patch after launch
Hopefully wheel support will be there in the first patch.

GRIP final version got release Nov 6, last Tuesday.

Here link to GRIP Steam forum:

Have not tried race GRIP final version yet, so can't comment yet on the racing.


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I got a reply about wheel support in Discord:

@WIRED Al#6277 WIRED AlToday at 2:58 AM
@Purple44#6922 we're working on it but it's not quite ready yet
working with a couple of hardware partners for it

Thanks for the progress report AI, will be pateince a while longer. :thumbsup:


Here a Steam guide for GRIP, done by Only Mostly Here:

Closing Thoughts and Summary
Something I implore readers to remember is that my opinion on cars is not gospel. I can only look at their stats, report on how they feel to play and say which of them I have found to perform best for me. If you have a car you want to try or if you have a car you prefer - don't let this guide stop you.

If destructible cars is on, the HP values of cars can of course play into their viability. Renegade suddenly becomes very attractive when it can take so much more of a beating than other cars, and perhaps that +10 health on Ictus and Bandit is worth considering. Bear in mind the amount of damage that some common weapons can do, and also that it's possible to hurt yourself if you aren't careful with scorpions or assassins.

The cars that I recommend to new players are Dominator, Mirage, Phantom and tentatively Bandit. These cars are consistent, reliable and well behaved while maintaining a solid level of performance across a good range of tracks. Dominator can be a bit of a handful due to mediocre handling but it has great recovery ability and is generally predictable. Bandit meanwhile is well-behaved but may struggle to find the pace needed to win races at times. I recommend staying AWAY from Tempest and tanks in general if you're new to the game, as quite apart from requiring greater track knowledge to get the most out of they can be extremely temperamental on rough terrain.

Thank you for reading, hope this helped!


Here a tip for the higher tiers:

SundownToday at 4:18 PM
@Mostly You may want to note that the Renegade is the strongest car in game by far, making it a much more optimal choice for races where damage is enabled (rival battles after tier 7) and arena battles where agility is less necessary (i.e. Biodome, Sehpa)
Also, awww. I missed seeing orange devs and green mods


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Here a thread to checkout for some tips for getting through some the tougher tiers:

I'm quitting campaign

More tip:

mRmo said:
how do i aim missiles i race and cant aim other

Countess Roadkill;3374780959385441294 said:
Well, there are two missiles, the Assassin and the Scorpion.
The Assassin's icon faces straight up, so it sort of looks like a '1'. This missile targets the player in first place, and requires no lock-on. Just find a good spot to fire it, in a nice open, flat area and it will do the rest.

The Scorpions icon faces diagonally, and when you have it, you'll start seeing diamond shapes appear over targets. If the diamond is visible long enough, it turns green and the missile will lock-on once fired.
Scorpions however are somewhat dumb, and will try to head straight for the target. They do not see the terrain or overhead obstacles - you need to learn their flight curvature and fire them in a way that their arc will successfully avoid anything you don't want them to hit.

More advanced-
If you want to hit a specific target, when you have multiple vehicles in front of you, you can cycle your targets.
However, by default, there is no button for this. If you look in the keybinds page, you'll find the change target slot.