Super Truck Showdown Tournament & Off-Road Car Pack!

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  • New DLC: Off-Road Car Pack
  • New tournament: Super Truck Showdown
  • New free "Rattlesnake Racepark" track
  • Numerous fixes and improvements
We're excited to announce a new tournament and a brand new car pack!

This time around we're unleashing something very special: super truck racing! It's something that many of you have been hoping to see in Wreckfest, and for a good reason too since combining the destruction oriented gameplay of Wreckfest with powerful trucks shredding the dirt is really a match made in heaven. The main event of the "Super Truck Showdown" has powerful off-road trucks ripping the dirt and battling for the win on a bumpy off-road track winding its way along treacherous mountain slopes of the fresh out of the oven Rattlesnake Racepark venue, with monthly events offering even more opportunities to experience the excitement of super truck racing on both dirt and tarmac. As a cherry on top, in case you happen to be a fan of base game cars, you have all the reason to be excited because the tournament shop has a new off-road racing themed bundle for Hotshot, an old fan-favorite!

And if you can't get enough of off-road racing during the tournament, we have some thrilling news for you: the latest DLC "Off-Road Car Pack" not only contains the eponymous star of the tournament, Trophy Runner, but also two other rocking mean machines that do equally well on tarmac as well. Trooper is a legendary American piece of steel that is built to last and will take you to off-road hell and back without breaking a sweat, Trophy Runner is a reincarnated workhorse from the Asia that some say is indestructible, built into a super truck that will give anything a run for their money on both dirt and tarmac, and Sandstorm is a custom beast that eats dirt like there's no tomorrow, and excels on twisty dirt and tarmac tracks with tight corners!

We're also actively working on improving the gameplay experience based on your feedback, and this release contains a number of additional enhancements and bug fixes. We invite you to check out the release notes below for a complete summary of items fixed or improved upon. As always, thanks for all the feedback and please keep it coming!


Game version

PC: 1.275315
PS4: 2.00
PS5: 1.003

  • Added support for the new DLC pack "Off-Road Car Pack" containing three new cars: Sandstorm, Trooper and Trophy Hunter.
  • Added a new track with forward and reverse layouts: Rattlesnake Racepark.
    Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are fields14_1 (forward layout) and fields14_2 (reverse).
  • Introducing new tournament: Super Truck Showdown.
  • New tournament shop bundle "Dirtshot" for Hotshot.
  • (XB1) The title no longer crashes to the Xbox Home screen when selecting Quick Match after resuming from connected standby in a pre-game lobby.
  • (XB1) The title no longer crashes after attempting to enter Custom Event on Hill Street Circuit Race during streaming installation.
  • (XB1) The title no longer occasionally crashes to the Xbox Home screen when entering a career event.
  • Speedie is now slightly weaker.
  • Starbeast SS is now more competitive.
  • Stepvan gearbox tuning options now work correctly.
  • Hammerhead RS AI Player now handles the car better.
  • Little Thrasher AI Player now appears correctly in Class B as well.
  • Fixed mismatched rear wheels of Gorbie Class C AI Player vehicle.
  • Starbeast SS "Same As Player"now correctly spawns AI Players with Starbeast SS.
  • Fixed RoadSlayer GT steel rail side protector LOD glitch.
  • Fixed KillerBee S exhaust backfire emitter pivot and door windows parenting.
  • Stellar's "Supersonic" wheels are now of correct color.
  • The window frames of Hearse no longer float after receiving damage.
  • The rear window of Hearse no longer floats after receiving damage.
  • The window frames of Stepvan no longer float after receiving damage.
  • The skull decoration no longer removes the Raven windshield.
  • The axe decoration of Bandit no longer floats.
  • Cardinal paint damage is now displayed correctly.
  • The rear wind of Hammerhead RS no longer detaches as easily.
  • Wildking racing stripe is now correctly centered.
  • The Hammerhead RS fender no longer falls off before the fender flare.
  • The fuel lid of Sunrise Super and Sweeper now open into correct direction.
  • Texture is now displayed correctly on the Hammerhead RS fuel lid.
  • Removed permanently painted parts of the Starbeast SS paint.
  • Blade (Reckless Car Pack): Adjusted audio mix for more low frequencies and less intake noise.
  • Blade (Reckless Car Pack): Adjusted exhaust rev limiter fart noise to occur only when releasing throttle held against redline.
  • Race: Added new generic gearbox H-shifter sounds.
Happy racing and good luck in the tournament!
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Hello again Janne! How are you? How is everything in Finland? I dropped by here to say thank you for the new content and thank you for including completely new vehicles. I am so happy you guys listen to the fans and as a huge fan, I'm very happy that you decided to continue supporting the game and make it better. I may not be able to join the official team but I feel like I'm a part of the Wreckfest community. Can't wait for the PS5 upgrade. Please continue supporting Wreckfest and adding even more fun and amazing content. Never stop doing what you set out to do. Keep making amazing content.


Rattlesnake Racepark
Nice to see a new track without intersections. Great powerslide hairpins. Also, from testing with B-Class, the jumps feel really smooth, no hard landing since the landing zones are properly graded. It's like someone took the general idea of Eagle's Peak Motorpark, removed all the "look mom everyone is crashing" sections and turned the general quality up to 100%.

Starbeast SS feels one step closer to justify the price tag, will do further testing. Good to see Speedie nerfed, generally a step in the right direction. Looking forward, I hope for more balance adjustments, not just a power creep of new vehicles but also nerfs for Raiden RS and Hammerhead RS.

Off-Road Car Pack
AWD for non-special vehicles, has Pandora's box been opened? The offroaders don't seem overpowered, which is good. I hope AWD will remain reserved for vehicles that have weaknesses in other areas.

Blade Audio
Not just an aesthetic improved, greatly helps with manual shifting.


The update is good, I liked everything except Sandstorm (I don't like modern cars, I have that taste). I hope in the next updates the problems that I wrote in the bug reports will be fixed. I also want to ask the Hammerhead RS nerf. At first I thought it was a perfectly balanced car, but after 2 hours of playing, I realized that it was somehow too easy to play on it, and for good reason.
I forgot to say something else. I liked the restored Hotshot very much. I really like these cars, and when the developers add such vehicles or blow off the dust from the old ones, my heart rejoices. Still have a question, the Gremlin restoration will be? The car is very good, but forgotten under the onslaught of new, more powerful cars.


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Another fantastic update and new DLC (3 cars & Track) which look amazing, and a great step forward to perfection with the Sim having a large variety of vehicles / tracks to choose from.
I have to tip my hat to Bugbear for making this Sim accessible to a Hardcore Sim Racer such as myself with a PC utilizing Triple Screen Monitors / Wheel and Pedal set ups, keep up the great work. :)


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Trophy runner does this weird jumping in a multiplayer lobby and if someone in the server uses it, it causes everyone else to desync.


Trophy runner does this weird jumping in a multiplayer lobby and if someone in the server uses it, it causes everyone else to desync.
Now that you say it, I've had three otherwise unexplicable desync / rubberband events with about five or six players total on my server (PC/Steam/rented server), and at least one player was using the Trophy Runner when it happened.


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Hi Even with the update, nothing still works on the LAN through Steam, only by the Microsoft GamePass Platform works, still outraged about it.


Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are fields14_1 (forward layout) and fields14_2 (reverse).
What's the internal designation for Motorcity Trophy Circuit? I can select it as custom event in single player but no mention of it in the patchnotes.


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Bagedit say the track folder is urban03_2 Is the Motor City track with ramps.


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Not sure whether this is the thread to Report this.
In the 'Sandstorm' Cockpit view the Steering Wheel bolts become misaligned and float in mid air. (See attached Screenshot)

...also wondering if the Sandstorm Steering Wheel could be made smaller / moved down as it obscures the Drivers view...Trooper and Trophy Runner are perfect:)

Otherwise really enjoying the Off Road DLC...keep up the great work Bugbear

1 WRECKFEST SANDSTORM Steering Wheel copy.jpg
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Not sure whether this is the thread to Report this.

In the 'Sandstorm' Cockpit view the Steering Wheel bolts become misaligned and float in mid air. (See attached Screenshot)

Otherwise really enjoying the Off Road DLC...keep up the great work Bugbear!
Great report but remember to state the system you’re playing on e.g. PS5, PC, XB1, ...

Bugs can be reported on this forum right here or in the bug-reports channel of the official Discord of Wreckfest.
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