The Letdown

Jori Virtanen

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So, uh… Yeah. Remember when we said we’d deliver a new build today? Well, we kinda hit a snag. We found a bug that hits the game with massive lag, causing enormous difficulties in handling of cars, which renders the game quite unplayable. Understandably, we don’t want to release a build that’s that badly broken. So, with a heavy heart, we have to eat our promise – there won’t be a new build today.

But when will the build arrive, you ask? With any luck, next week. But, as we found the bug late this afternoon, we didn’t have time to dig into the issue that thoroughly – we only found the symptom, not the cause. We'll fix it as soon as we can, obviously.

Anyway. No new build today.
This sucks. This sucks so bad it’s bending light. But it’s also something we have to do.

Sorry we’re letting you down.


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Good to know what's going on, at least! Good luck taking care of it & don't stress out too much. Remember that the only reason people get so impatient is that they love & trust the work that you guys do and can't wait to see it, so I'm sure everyone will be just as excited whenever it's all ready to go. Cheers.


Bugbear has made me develop a new unknown quality I didn't have before. Patience. Thanks BB for this newly found perk. ;D


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Thanks for the update! Weren't you guys going to take a month off after this week? Awesome of you to come in next week and finish the update then.


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I'd much rather a working game that is low on features next week than a broken game with low features now.


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Ah well, better finding this bug now than after the release. The fans would not have appreciate :p