[TOOL] Breckfest v1.5.0 - BMaps made tasty


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No. There seems to be no way to decompress the_n.bmap files

You can use a normal map plugin for GIMP to create _n files of your own, though.


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Breckfest has work for me, unpacking a bmap file and then patching png back into a bmap file.

Major Impact, you have Breckfest.exe and the file you trying to unpack or pack back up, in the same folder?

How to use:
Drop a bmap on Breckfest.exe to get a png file.
Drop a png (dds, tga and tif also supported) on Breckfest.exe to get a bmap file.
Image to BMAP will add a ".x" to the filename (ie Skin5_C5.png would become Skin5_C5.x.bmap), this is to prevent accidentally overwriting of original files. You'll need to rename the files manually and remove the ".x"
Drop a directory on Breckfest.exe and all* supported files within that folder (not subfolders) will be processed.
Doubleclicking Breckfest.exe will process the current directory.

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.........wow............so now I owe you TWICE, my friend.........MORE than appreciate you taking the time to help, seriously !!! TY !!