Track collision modding tool


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Hello all :),
today I want to share with you all a modding tool that I made for this awesome game FlatOut 2 and
I hope that it will be usefull for some modders left out there who ever wanted to
make some track mods and failed because of sink holes.

It's a tool that can import and export the track_cdb2.gen files responsible for the collision of the tracks.
I also added some example maps which are already modified so you can drive a bit outside the map.

here is the download, source is included!Rig2jAxA!gVbg2fAUcHL39I0d6pwMdOs65_pzR-m_76PezGSdt8c

The two tools are no plugins but standalone programs and use Wavefront OBJ as intermediate file format.
There are some bugs left and it's a bit limited to about 58000 triangles, also the collision isn't as good as
the original one but I think it produces acceptable results.

That's for now, if you find some bugs you can post them here.
At last I want to ask if someone has the complete source for Gulbroz Track Editor and
further information about what left unfinished back then, I want to work on that when I have some free time.



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Where were you intr3pid back in 2007 when I could really used these tools!!! Like working with the canal and city track maps that had a lot of sink holes outside the track layout. :p

These days I'm doing my track modding with Wreckfest, so I can race my custom track online.

But thanks for posting your tools, there might be a Flatout 2 track maker or 2 left out there.


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Thank you guys for your replies :D

You created really nice mods for this game I've played them a lot when I was younger and I'm still playing :D

Do you know if Gulbroz ever released more ? I mean it is possible that this is the complete source, I just haven't tested it yet. It seems that this is the only one available online .

Here a new video of the city map:


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Ya if I had your tools I would definitely like to of made a track using those on\off ramps to the lower freeway in your video. :)