Week #16 Report


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vogurt said:
I have an idea.

Wait until the update is released, play it, comment on it.

End of story. Whining about this or that or wanting a stupid beta branch that will only waste more time is.... well, a waste of time and brain power. Do something else, this update will be here some day, and when that day comes, play it. That's it.
You have single handedly taken this chat from a decent discussion to one rampant with hypocracy. Your powers of ignorance are divine.


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NeatNit said:
Hi Bugbear.

You CAN release this update - and you really should! It looks HILARIOUS!

Here's how:

Through this menu it is possible to have different versions of the same game, and the user would be able to switch between them just like that! This is, for example, how Garry's Mod handles updates. There's almost always a "dev build" and a live release.

ONLY USERS WHO KNOW ABOUT THIS WOULD EVEN BOTHER TO LOOK. This means that if you release it this way, the "masses" would have no clue that it's even there; but those of us who would absolutely love to play with broken physics (of which there are surprisingly many) would finally get to do so!

Please consider it. Thanks.

Edit: here's the options for Garry's Mod as of right now: http://i.gyazo.com/4bc282dffea6e3de17a6ce4c496a06d0.png
To switch to dev branch I would just have to select this option and press close, and Steam starts downloading the selected branch immediately.
If they do this, and the access code isn't "bugfest," I will be mildly disappointed. Not disappointed enough that I won't completely forget about it upon starting a "race," for lack of a better term. It's just one of those small details that would only bother you while you're thinking about it.


Yo g's of Bugbear

We need some satisfaction, why dont show us some hot videos of your tests, i want see this jumping, riding huge physics :>

Dont be shy, show us your ph-art, i know you want it too, c'mon ;)))


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I think it would be hilarious and fun to include a game mode with messed up physics.

maybe in the future have a mode you can adjust physics values just to shoot the fun and funny factor through the roof.