Week #17 Report


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It looks like they made a few different "group of rocks" meshs and pasted them around the grass. At least that's what I do in Far Cry :p


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Commenting on the top post:

I like racing, I like simulators. One of the things that got me hooked on this game for a while was racing on dirt tracks, because there aren't a lot of simulator type of games around in which that can be done in a sort of realistic way. The other aspect I like is the banger type of racing. I'm not a big fan of slam wrecking, but the notion that trading paint is accepted practise did keep me going. The rough touch so to speak. I enjoy racing like that.


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I like racing, I like simulators but dirty driving is more funny How much games there is dirty driving ?
The best is create a demolition racing where the emphasis is on the word “racing”. ;D