Week #46 Report


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grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble

That's me grumbling. I hate being a mushroom. For no reason should we be fed shit and left in the dark. Please, take a moment, just one, to write something useful this week.


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not sure how this extra post got here, erase if you feel it necessary.
How exactly are you guys being left in the dark? For the past week and a half we've been writing countless posts regarding plans for market, career, car variety, shown screencaps of new host options etc.

Yes, they are scattered to the forums and not collected to one TL;DR post, but still :)

Just look a bit more on the forum and you get an idea of what they are working on. It is told in many different topics, the tyre physics are being worked on and that takes time. However, if they just skip this part and start making more content like cars and tracks you won't be happy. Yes, it may look good all that content, but if the fundamental parts of the game are broken it's bad! So have patience, first getting the fundamentals right, then comes the content. Meanwhile there are lot's of games you can play if you wan't to do something else. Counter strike go is on sale for 7 bucks, buy that and you have plenty of distraction in combination with ncg!

Don't forget, it's still in alpha!

Needles Kane

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Tero said:
Next build will have the launcher disabled by default (it can be activated with a launch option if you really need it) and you'll have all the settings in-game so big picture should work. :)
Tero said:
This just in:
Tero said:
Currently we are aiming for Class (A-D and possibly Super Class) and Performance Index. Events / servers can have class restriction but it will only indicate max class allowed in those races. Performance index will not be limitable, only class. And in the future the host might be able to also limit cars to a region too. So for example you could have Class C European Race or All Classes American Derby or Class A World Tournament etc.
Weight will mostly play a role with car's strength and thus giving it a profile towards more race or derby kind of car but it will not be a limitation.
We are also thinking about permanent modifications to the body/frame, for example making it more lightweight if you want to make it a race car or adding rollcage which adds weight but also increases strength for a derby car etc.
Tero said:
Purple44 said:
That what I want to hear, there will be unofficial servers where everything unlocked. I don't need to earn cash to race online. Tero, will host in unofficial servers be able to set up a 6-12 event tournament like we could do in Flatout 2? And will players score points for each event and at end of tournament, player with most points, win tournament? Don't need to win any cash or rewards, just some recognition you had a good tournament.
Yes, you can set up a tournament like in FO2 and player with most points wins the tournament. Our design goal for multiplayer is "make it at least as good as it was in FO2, preferably better".
Purple44 said:
I have my doubts about how well career mode online will do. A lot of that doubt come from Codemasters and GRID 2! How do you keep the racing online from becoming unbalance for players that only have time to race on a Saturday or players a month or 2 months late to buying Wreckfest. These players will be in "starter" cars while other players that got more time into the game, will have unlock better cars and car parts to make there cars go faster. How do you make the racing stay half way balance in online career until most players have unlock the cars and got good car parts?
That's a good question and we don't have definite answer yet. But mostly it comes down to balancing and making the lower class cars desirable to use even when you have that Class A beast. I'm sure we'll figure out a way to do it. One thing to remember is that if online opponents are too hard for your current class, you can always play a few races of single player and that way earn more money, better parts etc. Or switch to a lower class for few races. Options are endless. :)
Gladly our game doesn't have regular linear progression as other racing games. The cars won't just get ultimately faster and better, we try to make them balanced but different. For example if you happen to find a rare engine from the classifieds, it will not give you unbeatable advantage in terms of horsepower etc. but more in terms of it has better durability so it won't wear out so fast etc but it has same power statistics as other similar engine.
Purple44 said:
Also, will cash\rewards scale with the numbers of players in a race or derby? Should earn more cash\rewards if win a 20-24 player race or derby.
Jori or Janne could answer this one better but I think they will scale. Otherwise people would make private 2 player lobbies and grind out money. :)
Purple44 said:
Have to agree, modded cars should not be in career mode online. A lot of custom cars for Flatout 2 were faster than stock cars. And if Wreckfest going stop some the cheating online, the game will have to check key game files, like the car files and make sure they are stock before letting a player join a stock host, like Flatout 2 did.
I want modding for Wreckfest, but we can't have modding ruin things online for the stock players like was a problem with Flatout 1 online. Remember cobra tires in Flatout 1?
Enabling modding is a big part of our legacy and we want to support it as much as possible but we want to keep it outside the competitive scene and for fun purpose only.
Tero said:
*ding ding ding* We have a winner :) Your post exactly what we've been thinking too! By no means we want to sell just cars that are ready to go but also junk cars that act like "treasure chests" and cars with missing / damaged parts etc. We want the player to have several project cars under work along with their shiny, running vehicles. Rarity is something we've been thinking about too. Great post :)
Tero said:
Speedevil said:
Actually I think it'd be better if you can actually choose what you're going to do next.
Let's say the game works with race days. Each week, you'd have to choose which event you want to enter between a few, like you said. But in each category (single race, single derby, tournament) you should have to choose between at least 2 events.
In offline, you can of course choose your next event from a limited pool of events. In online, you have more events to choose from (all the servers).
And there was only few of Tero's post. Here is list made by Purple. Look atleast Tero's and Jori's posts. They are most active devs on forums. Olli Teitinen sometimes posts pics of 3D-models and Janne Suurnäkki answers mostly for support questions/Bug reports.
Olli Teittinen - http://community.bugbeargames.com/index.php?action=profile;area=showposts;u=61
Tapio Vierros - http://community.bugbeargames.com/index.php?action=profile;area=showposts;u=1193
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Yes, I wish more people saw needles' post. There are more than a handful complaining and not all, but some get mad at the devs for explaining.