Weekly Report #11


Team Bugbear

Hello again!

This week we’ll talk about creating cars – where do we start, where do we go from there, what to look out for, and how long it all takes? For Wreckfest, existing cars took about two months to complete – per car. Yes, it really takes that long!

It all begins by, obviously, figuring out what type of car do we want? A sedan? A truck? After we settle on e.g. a muscle car, we dig deeper: what type and style of this particular car type do we want? An olden goldie, or a more modern one? European, American or what? After this part of the process we have an idea of what kind of car we’re looking for, so we can start looking for reference material from their real world counterparts, up to and including blueprints of real cars.

Next up is the basic modeling of the car: modeling the car body without paying too much detail to panel curvatures, specific details and so on. These very basic models have all the obvious parts in place: four tires, bumpers, headlights and all that jazz, and about in the right places, too. It’ll look clunky as heck, but that’s okay, as we’re mostly interested about the overall feel of the car, and not so much of any specific details.

Once everything is modeled and in their right places, we create several variations of the car with different grills, lights and light configurations. The body of the car itself remains untouched, but it’s the small details that give the car that look you come to love, so it pays to create a few variants to be sure that this is what we want. Again, it’s not as much about creating finalized models as it is about giving the car several discernible feels, as all this helps us figure out what would work for this car and what doesn’t.

Once the prototype is ready, we start working on it in earnest. We start tuning curves, adding panels, modeling specific parts like axles and upholstery. Basically every detail will be added at this point – yes, it’ll often be just a rough semblance of what it’ll end up looking, but all parts will be put in place. For example, detailing the drivetrain means that if you flip the car and focus your view on the axles, you will see the brake shoes, springs, suspension parts, bolts, nuts and so on.

Despite the detail, we don’t actually animate that many of these parts, simply because it wouldn’t be cost efficient for the drain it would have on the engine. We totally could, though :)

The last stage is finalizing the car. At this point we know exactly what we want. The rest is polish, more polish, and then some more polish. We put all those nice curves in place. Get that geometry in place to the tee. Make sure that everything is in its place, and it’s all smooth and sweet. This will also help in creating smoother shading, which gives the car that golden touch. This final stage takes agonizingly long, as it’s all about the detail, and there’s always something that you could do some more work on.

After this stage is done, after everything is neat and tidy, we can start working on the textures… but that’s a whole other blog entry for a later date :)

Also, lately we’ve turned our demands on every detail to eleven, but we’d rather let the results speak for themselves than talk about what we will do. Let’s just say that, for example, everything is now modeled to the tenth of an inch. No, we’re not kidding. We figured that if we’re going to ramp up our physics and tracks, our cars should live up to that level of detail, too. Sweet, huh?

That’s it for this week!
As always, stay safe, all y’all :)

-Team Bugbear

(Note: while you can spot that one of these cars is indeed American Muscle 2, the blue car is a model that was abandoned, so don't take its appearance as anything else as serving as an example :) )



Cool. I'm still waiting for the update to play this game again. One can only race 3 cars on 3 tracks for so long. No worries, I'm just saying.


Wait today is not Friday!

American Muscle 2 you say... :eek: Looks kinda like a vega / nova with a different front end.

Thanks Bugbear


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The blue car definitely is reminiscent of a BMW, and also a Mercedes, both around the 1990's. I could see why you chose to scrap it, as it looks a bit too nice to be in a game called Wreckfest. But at the same time, I'm sure you could muddy it up with some textures, and Wreckfest-ify it, so it fits with the game, no? Loving these behind the scenes style posts though, helps us to sort of see and learn a bit about the game developing process. But I'm sure the big question many of us want to know is....

So can you give us a hint as to when we can expect this new update?


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Hey, I wouldnt mind that blue old Mercedes look-a-like car. Another Euro car wouldnt hurt! :)

Report is early this week! Now lets hope the update will be coming soon as well... Better to have the game with the current 3 cars and tracks when the physics system is finished and slowly update the game with the cars and tracks as the weeks progress... Further delays already angers the entire Steam community more and more for the past months (the people that do not come on the forums here).

Maybe put a 'Physics progress' report every week in there as well to ease the crowd a bit?


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If the creation of a single car spent two months, we will see that the game is not earlier than 20 years? :-\ I think the factories will create real cars faster than ... :D :D


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Its actually very good imformation for me. :DDD I just modeled a car, as my first "serious...er" modelling, for learning purposes and it really nice to see how much time does it take for BB to model a car. Ofc my car is far not as detailed as theirs but still.. Just good to hear. :D
There is my model just if you want to check it out. (not finished yet)


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loater said:
If the creation of a single car spent two months, we will see that the game is not earlier than 20 years? :-\ I think the factories will create real cars faster than ... :D :D
2 months seems a little long for me..

While the makers of Forza are a huge studio with MS money.. they can release 10 cars in one month.. with 100% more pixels, fidelity, and realism. Not to mention those are official cars that have been scanned in, poured over and refined to every little detail..

2 months for a car that they have built that has no 'real world' connections? seems a little long to me.. also suggests there are only going to be like 15 cars max. Unless during this entire time the game has been in production (August 2013) they have a separate team working on just making cars..

August 2013- Present would only have: 7-8 cars? right? 1yr would only yield 6 cars.

Edit: though The cars have extreme damage models that are all different.

still.. 2 months for a single car?.. hopefully they plan on doing some sort of DLC for car packs/track packs.

I'd pay 1-5 dollars for say 5-6 cars, and tracks..


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loater said:
If the creation of a single car spent two months, we will see that the game is not earlier than 20 years? :-\ I think the factories will create real cars faster than ... :D :D

Take 6 months for devs to do complete car for The Crew.

But doing the animation of the car parts in the workshop take some extra time.

The Crew™ Beta Workshop

If Wreckfest final version with 20 cars going get release by the end of this year, how many almost finish cars Bugbear holding back? Would think Bugbear would have at least 10 cars about ready to go by now. We have seen 5 so far.

But I think Bugbear will hold back some cars until final version of WF is release so we will have some new cars to play with.


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20 cars are fair enough for start, but its a little sad. As games/engines/graphics become better and better it takes more and more time to create a track, a car, so we will get less and less. And we cant wait modders to make that quality cars, because it takes soo long. Anyway i hope there will be more and more with mods, and thoose cars/tracks will be used online too.
Theese days, i dont wait for game devs to create lots of things, but to create tools and let the community expand their game.


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Every time I read a weekly update from you, I'm hoping that there is hint when a new update will be released.
This time, there is still no info about the release of the next update. It feels like waiting for HL3 :'(


Jesus after reading that I am even more pumped for the new build (if that is humanly possible)

Thanks for the nuggets of info and what y'all are up too :)

Cheers guys


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41,547 polys! Would it be possible to have a wire mesh screenshot out of max as well please? Also another question, do you use a level of detail system in the game? I'm not surprised if these cars take 2 months to model.


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Nice, the new car looks awesome, and now that you are improving the details in the cars a lot more, I'm really excited to see what the already excellent looking cars will look like after the new update!


I'm glad you ditched that design, stick with the olden goldies.;P


longtimeago said:
Maybe put a 'Physics progress' report every week in there as well to ease the crowd a bit?
They've said this before, but I know you haven't been keeping up. The thing with the physics is that it's not a linear progression. Sometimes they get really close, and I'm sure sometimes the next day they get way off. I assume they can revert to the build that was closer, but it's not like "Physics = 89% complete" It's more like "Physics= About 89% accurate with this tune" and then just random numbers... So it's hard for them to know the exact progress on it, and I doubt they even have a % of accuracy, but more like, it's kind of close versus pretty close with the last one. Let's try it this way.

Hope you understand it.

And guys, the blue car isn't a new car, it was scrapped.... And the other car is the current American muscle 2... So... What new car did I miss? lol