Weekly Report #11

Jori Virtanen

Automatic weapons and boundless love.
Tgrooms said:
I think maybe that a short video would be less time consuming than typing up a long report.
With my typing skills, not by a long shot. I'm a real fast writer, and thanks to ten years of being a professional journalist, I tend to make sense even on my first draft :p


BrianUK said:
Jori Virtanen said:
V8-Cowboy said:
BUT if you release FREQUENT updates, then there will be evidence that the game, and anything that is broken at that time, is being improved upon, and THAT is what people really want to see. Constant proof of improvement.
True. But if, for example, we launch a build that leaves the game literally unplayable for two weeks, it's just not something you can do. Sure, you can say "it's part of EA, that's how it works", but it doesn't matter at all if there's nobody playing the game during those weeks, because many of them move on. Two weeks of downtime is real hard to get over.

However, this is what the Steam beta branch is for, and we're pretty interested in what that has to offer. That'd be the best of both worlds, really -- a stable build that's good, clean fun for the whole damn family, and then the work-in-progress build that may or may not work, but changes so often that people can see for themselves what we're doing. Why we haven't committed to that just yet is our fear of that dividing our player base in two, as people stick to just one of those two, and that's also harmful to our project. Still, beta branch is something we are seriously considering.
Why don't you select a few players who play often to do some testing for you in the evenings after you guys have left work? Having an experimental branch is all well and good, but you won't get any feedback from the casual players, even I've been guilty of that with Starbound.

If you give out a version that you want tested and give us a set of goals, I'd be more than happy to help and I'm sure others would too. Keeping your testing group small and to those who really care about the game would likely lead to more valuable feedback.

It could be a single item or option, but if we confirm it works in the player environment, it can be added to the stable build, if there are issues then we can highlight them and retest them the next day.
I'm sure pretty much every single person on this forum "cares" about the game, if we wasn't interested then we wouldn't buy into a pre-alpha. What's gone wrong here is that the general publics perception of the game is what they are seeing on youtube, an old build. I get the impression that maybe bugbear have got all the feedback they need and are now just going for the full release.

Despite the fact a lot of people are unhappy as soon as that full release comes out everybody will come back and play as we have all paid for this product.