Weird xbox controller issue?


New Member
I just got my first xbox controller for use on PC. Connect it wirelessly through PC, decide to try out Wreckfest, see that Wreckfest has an update.

In the program, and... all is not well. Pressing "A" does the same thing as "Left Shoulder", which is tab screens to the left. "B" seems OK. "Left Shoulder" and others seem OK. But I literally can't select anything.

So I go into settings, reset the xbox controller mapping. No change. If I try to remap, it correctly sees A when I press A, and the same for every other button. So the remapping screen sees the correct button, but in the menu, it doesn't work.

Note that prior to this I was using a SN30 Pro+ also via bluetooth, however it was NOT connected while testing the xbox controller. However, connecting it DOES show that it's still working fine in Wreckfest.

No idea what's going on here. Forza, also on Steam, is fine with the new controller. Suggestions?