Wheel not working... again

Bud Crayne

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As of now, Friday May 7, 9pm CST my G920 is not working, in Wreckfest on Xbox one x. same as last time press ⛔ to start.
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Yea. Wheel issue as well (as of yesterday 5/7 update). Up'd my wheel from Thrust TMX Pro to Logitech g923!!!! Was working til the update. Works w/ everything else (NASCAR, NFS Forz Horiz). P in the A......


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Same here,
... just bought the game only played like 4hrs with the wheel..
as of weekend not working at wreckfest startscreen .... logitech G923
And works with all other games...


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Just saw this over at WF discord: general support:

jannesBB — Today at 11:21 AM
We are aware of the issue with xb1 wheels and working on addressing it as quickly as we can. Our apologies for the inconvenience.