Wreckfest discord server


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Wreckfest Discord Server

Dear Wreckfest players,

A new Discord server is open.

General text & voice chat are available. See below for site rules.

This server has been created to allow Wreckfest players a place to talk, share information and have fun.

Please click on this link to enter the server:https://discord.gg/B34aS79
Note: In order to join this discord server, you must have already created a FREE discord account

Hope to see the Wreckfest community on here!


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You know this is the Stuntfest section of the Bugbear forum?

Might been better to post this in the Wreckfest> General Discussion section?

Or a forum mod maybe move thread?


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You guys are fing weird. You have a community in place and decide that youll start a whole new thing. Your logic trains are unique to say the least.
You do know that Stuntfest alpha version got release in the summer of 2016? That why there a section for Stuntfest here in Bugbear's forum.

Unfortunately, Stuntfest got put on the back burner in 2017 so Bugbear could concentrate on finishing the PC version of WF and then doing the WF console versions.

It been over 5 years now, Bugbear really need to release a final version of Stuntfest and be nice to see SF release on the consoles too. But don't know if consoles could handle the uploading of modded arenas for Stuntfest?

Exclusive Stuntman Car and Driver

Also Stuntfest was Bugbear answer to those Flatout players that wanted to see a stunt mode in Wreckfest.