Wreckfest Video Thread


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timmy, start of video said xbox, is this videos from the Wreckfest xbox version?


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More banger racing tracks for Wreckfest. The TVTP2 track package include now also Palmer Motorsports Park (2 tracks) and Paradise Eight (5 tracks). The TVTP2 track package is free and can be downloaded from Steam.

Palmer Motorsports Park track is not broken. It just don't allow free camera fly/ view; track build too high or something..

EDIT: The VeryEnd (developer of TVTP2) fixed the free fly view on Palmer Motorsports Park, so I fixed the video on same place.
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  • Rattlesnake Racepark (clock- and counterclockwise)
  • Motorcity Circuit - Trophy Circuit
  • three (3) new DLC vehicles:
    • Sandstorm​
    • Troopy and​
    • Trohpy Runner​
  • stock car Hotshot upgrade with 20.000 fame points to "Dirtshot" (A314 to A342)
Rattlesnake Racepark preview on the air.
How the new DLC's sound.
How they jump.
Are they fast; Drag Race.
And can they jump and land correctly.

The Stig is testing all this. Enjoy!


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One new tournament reward car: Eagle R

Two new tracks:

Bleak City (race track, race track reverse and derby arena version) and
Devil's Canyon (race track and derby arena). Both Carmageddon 8-bit style graphic.

Technical information about Eagle R vehicle and paint styles, quick preview about
Bleak City and Devil's Canyon Carmageddon theme tracks. In the background,
of course, plays an instrumental version of Fear Factory’s song Body Hammer.


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That's what I like Wreckfest for - the best you can take from Destruction Derby and Carmageddon.
Great video, watched with pleasure


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Hi all, I have started some time ago with a series of videos I have called "Wreckfest for Breakfast".

Every day a new video in the morning !

Enjoy and have some fun ! It would be nice to get some comments about that from the community.

I am using the PC Version with RTX 3080 and Intel I9 10900X, all videos are recorded with max details in 4k and 60fps.

Have a great day and keep on wrecking !