XB1/PS4/PC: Version released

Janne Suur-Näkki

Staff member
This hotfix resolves the recent controller related issues, enhances the Racing Heroes Car Pack cars and improves various other aspects of the title. Please check below for a summary of items fixed or improved upon in this release.


Game version

PS4: 1.81
PC: 1.268578
  • (PC) Fixed numerous controller devices not being detected.
  • (PC) Fixed stuttering with certain controller devices.
  • Fixed game crashing when entering certain career events.
  • Fixed numerous glitches with Racing Heroes Car Pack cars.
  • Improved Speedie suspension, differential and engine.
  • Added "Saucer" wheels for Speedie.
  • Short track width tires for Speedie are now narrower.
  • Restored missing modding tools.
Thanks for your support everyone, and good luck!