Your Wishes for next Content UPDATE ❓


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Does anyone wish or you miss something in the game then write it in the comments ;)


Lucas Oil Off Road Buggys / Truggys (see GoPro Trailer on Bottom)

#2 More OffRoad Tracks like "Crash Canyon"

#3 Destruction Derby Commentator for a better Atmosphere/Feeling

#4 repetitions [Save & rewind function]

#5 Screenshot Folder [trigger pressure button]

#6 PITLANE! Disc.Theme:

#7 random grid positions for custom Races

#8 repeat / continue a race without constantly to go back to the Head-menu (without loss of points)

Thanks for the work done so far on the developers

Steam Discussion:
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  • disable kick voting spamming. The "negative points" given by users could be one solution. The server could then automatically block such players (by regulation)
  • disable kick voting when admin logged in
  • enable car restriction for the new cars, too (Wingman, Buggy and Venom)
  • enable AI players to drive those new vehicles, too
  • similar mixing vehicle profiles than on Custom Event (off-line playing): specials, mixed, etc.
  • own profiles for every car class (A, B and C)
  • quicker loading times
  • welcome message on server list
  • welcome message on lobby
  • in lobby: track info (normal, reverse etc.). There are enough space on top of the screen
  • higher chat window on lobby. There are enough space on bottom of the screen
  • full player list on same screen, without scrolling
  • new rallycross tracks
  • more vehicles to rental-cars
  • dedicated server: the number of bots in relation to the number of players
  • dedicated server: random tracks (it generate tracks from server_config.cfg automatically itself and laps relation of players
  • obstacles for wallriding
  • X-button back for adding new AI players (we know already, it is coming)
  • leaderboards to new tracks (Autum 2019 Megaupdate)
  • lobby: back the old and good track profile picture
  • possible to add your favorite server to favorite list
  • remote controlling the dedicated server by browser
  • custom clothes colours to our drivers: helmets, jump suit and sexual
  • possible to mod/edit the HUD: alternative places to speed meter, minimap, playerlist etc.
  • black smoke from truck exhausts
  • oil spills on the track
  • V8 sounds for V8 engines and maybe lower and rougher. Now they are too much compressed
  • new gamemodes like "tapping" (hippa in finnish), lead, a worse car than others etc.
  • better/ new support for 3rd party tracks (read: track mods)
  • the ability to exclude a particular vehicle or vehicles, such as a Muddigger
  • server list restriction what class to search for. It is so boring to log in and the restrcition is only for C class
  • rearview mirror

- less "smashing" tracks on Offical EU servers: areana, figure 8, bonebreaker. There are too much those deatchmatch styles tracks there. More rallycross tracks and laps.

That's where a few first came to mind. ;-)
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1) I do not agree with making new cars restricted vehicles. I want less restricted vehicles, although I do agree with current vehicles that are restricted. I do like racing with them when they are not going in the opposite direction but I am ok with that as well. It adds a different dynamic and requires you to be more on your toes.

2) Would love three separate profiles for each car, for every car class (A, B and C)

3) When picking a car for the next race my system now has a hard time trying to load every vehicle my cursor hovers over. That is new and I wish it was taken out. Loading vehicles for no reason is taxing on every system but is not necessary.

4) I would like, if while searching for a server, I pick a server to see it's info and be able to refresh just that server while in it's welcome screen if it is currently full. I would love to have a favourites list. Too many "don't touch me servers" but it is their server and they are allowed to have their own rules. I really wish cross play was supported with all 3 platforms to have more server options. It would be awesome to have a specific cross platform server list knowing that you are going to be limited to 16 opponents. I have come on to race and only 5 servers had people playing and 3 of those servers were "Don't touch me" servers.

5) Track info at welcome screen would be good to know, for new racers.

6) I am curious as to when more tracks from TVTP are coming. They were very well polished tracks in my opinion and really wish they were included in official servers. It is rare to find other players on TVTP servers of which there were 2. I really enjoy Dust Devil.

7) Please do not add any other objects to render. The game has been running really good lately.

8) I have a Buttkicker Advance and 2 subwoofers hooked up to my system. I would like less compressed sounds as an option.

9) I would love VR support.

If any of these ideas are not doable please announce that they are not so that I stop suggesting it. Especially point number 2. I was on a C Class limited server a few nights ago and just before the next race started they switched it to A Class. Clearly 5 of the players were in collusion :) because they switched just before the race started. It was still fun to race, no one was cheating, they were just Bastages.

I love this game. Thank You...


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Full time wrecker
- Deatmatch respawn ghost timer needs to be abit longer, its annoying respawning in only for someone to tbone you before can drive away.
- I'd love to see the same livery option to carry over to every car in the game. There is some livery options I'd love to use but its been forced onto one type of car
- I'd love to see more banger related livery/visual upgrades come to the game
- Ability to remove all glass so i can make my car look like its actually been stripped
- Option to remove all light covers
- Option to bolt down all wings, bonnet, door and hood so the car looks like its a proper banger
- Door plate options that have the cars livery visible because at the moment its annoying that armored door plates hide the cars sign writing
- I'd love to have my own race number on all my cars
- Not a fan that bull bar style armour has a higher armour rating over everything else, it spoils how a car looks over a proper Derby/70's style bumper


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  • Having the ability to purchase and install any rim(s) and carry them over to every vehicle in the game that can be customized.
  • Fix issues with armour/parts either clipping into the body of the vehicle, or just not mounted onto the vehicle properly.
  • Being able to have different finishes of paint (Gloss, Metallic, Matte)
  • Make rims paintable.
  • Allow us to customize the look of our outfits, such as Helmet, Gloves and the Suit (or just giving us colour options would be fine as is)
  • More variety of bumpers, plates, armour etc. to choose from, over the same 4 options that appear on almost every car in the game.
  • Have an option that removes the dents and the rust (maybe as individual or as a combined option) from all vehicle(s) that can be customized.
  • If you add fenders to a vehicle, it should adjust the offset/stance of the wheels to make them "flush".
  • Adjust size of the rim.
  • Nighttime racing!
  • Add an option that will give a day and night cycle in-game.
  • A freemode where players can either drive around, relax and sit around in the area with randoms and friends, or just smash everything in sight; the mode consists of a deathmatch but With no timer and unlimited respawns. It should cycle through different arenas available each day. This could be ideal to create a lobby-waiting mode for when you're waiting and loading into a match/server (since loading times can be long) or make a separate mode where players can join or leave at any time and let players set up there own private version of that.
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Night time racing! Yes.

On the XBox, loading times are still vicious. What began as a love affair for my son, now Wreckfest has lost his interest. He watched me last night and he grew bored as I loaded for 2 minutes into a multiplayer round, only to find them wrapping up a race and I had to immediately enter another round of loading before I could even put my foot on the gas.

While offline, my son likes to set up rounds against AI, but once the round is complete, he'd like to to do the same round again and I want to keep the experience and coins. ...But if you "restart" the round as provided by the menu, you lose those gains. Therefore you must exit the round totally and set it all up again, with all the associated loading screens. I was already there! Just let us play it again!


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[xbox] Great Ideas, and great thread. But realistically it is not going to happen by next content update. Guaranteed they have the next update setup, and are working hard to apply the things they are working on now.
I do hope the success of the game (charted 2 in uk sales) can equate to large additions and changes that would not have been possible if it was the niche game big game dev companies thought it would be.
Loading times and custom / class / manufacturer / restricted Lobbies (and/or either) are my main issues. Also be nice to see an actual Wreckfest profile of you and your friends, the big "profile" box is a bit wasted on just a home link to change the xbox user, feels like it was meant to be more.


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^^ yeh id like to be in lobbies where we all get same / similar cars. Auto down/upgrading of cars for events, or loaner cars for those with none even.

Dirt N Track

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No announcer in demo derbies or anywhere else please! Unless it is an OPTION. Every game that has ever had that ruined it for me, if you could not turn it off!


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Предлагаю создать трассу (большую,полу-прямую) в которой лежат полицейские и бетонные блоки по разным сторонам. Было бы интересно поиграть на такой трассе по нескольким причинам: 1. Трасса большая и много всяких препятствий стоит прямо на дороге. 2. На скорости, не будет уже тех моментов когда ты просто вылетаешь с дороги, будет намного жёстче, когда на высокой скорости игроки будут лететь по асфальту и влетать в бетонные блоки или же на лежачие полицейские) Вот сделайте просто трассу с асфальтом, чтобы она была круглая и длинная, хотелось бы уже на скорости 200км/ч разложиться об лежачие полицейские или же по-задевать бетонные блоки!
Так же хотелось бы написать по поводу баланса машин. Ибо есть те люди, которые прошли карьеру, а есть такие игроки, которые купили игру и сразу зашли в мультиплеер. Так вот, предлагаю добавить вам воздушный пакет, который будет давать буст для скорости, а для этого надо просто подстроиться сзади любой машины впереди идущей. Думаю такой баланс будет эффективен, ибо гонки бывают неравные...


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Google Translate:

I propose to create a track (large, half-straight) in which police and concrete blocks lie on different sides. It would be interesting to play on such a track for several reasons: 1. The track is large and there are a lot of obstacles right on the road. 2. At speed, there will not be those moments when you just take off the road, it will be much tougher when at high speed players will fly on asphalt and fly into concrete blocks or speed bumps) Just make a track with asphalt so that it It was round and long, I would like to decompose at speed 200 km / h on speed bumps or hurt concrete blocks!
I would also like to write about the balance of cars. For there are those people who have passed a career, but there are those players who bought the game and immediately went into multiplayer. So, I propose to add you an air bag that will give boost for speed, and for this you just need to adjust the back of any car ahead of you. I think such a balance will be effective, because the races are unequal ...